The 2012 Little India Grill Health Scare was the abrupt hold to all calls to Little India Grill because of health concerns regarding the Indian Lady, who is the owner of the restaurant.

The Call That Sparked The ControversyEdit

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Reaction From The Prank Call CommunityEdit

The reaction from the Prank Call Community was mixed. Users PranksAreUs83, Antivenom9808, HarlemBarber, JPranker98 and Seeco1000 removed all their videos from YouTube relating to Walsh in order to prevent any more calls being put forward to Little India Grill. Listeners on YouTube reacted negatively towards PranksAreUs83, which led to the closure of his account due to hate mail/comments. Some people felt that Little India Grill deserved all the calls since Walsh is a racist, but at the time, it was not known that the Indian Lady was in fact the owner of the restaurant.

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