666j1 wishes Frank a Merry Christmas
Telephone ringing twn


Prank Call

Prank Caller

666j1 and Maximusclecyclone

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666j1 wishes Frank a Merry Christmas is a soundboard prank call made by 666j1 and Maximusclecyclone.


Call #1

666j1: Merry Christmas Frank.
Duncan: Oh, fuck you! Merry Christmas. I hope Santy Claus shits on you!
[*Laughter is heard in the background*]
666j1: Oh, that's not very nice.
Duncan: [*hangs up*]

Call #2

[*phone rings*]
666j1: Frankie!
Duncan: What'd you want, you stupid motherfucker, you?
Duncan (soundboard): What the fuck would you think? You dumb shit.
666j1: Yeah, dumbass.
Duncan: Son of a bitch, I wish I was next door to ya! I'd come over and beat the hell out of ya, just for the hell of it. [*hangs up*]

Call #3

[*phone rings*]
666j1: Hello.
Duncan (soundboard): Oh, FUCK YOU, you're interruptin' my breakfast!
666j1: Oh, you silly son of a bitch, you! Don't you have something better to do bud?
Duncan (soundboard): You're on the wrong end of the phone, bud.
666j1: Now don't you have something else to do bud?
Duncan (soundboard): I'm not threatening ya, I'm promising you. Too damn small!
Duncan: You stupid motherfucker! You couldn't even find your way to Oklahoma. [*hangs up*]
Duncan (soundboard): Oh, you stupid bitch! You probably couldn't even find the way.

Call #4

[*phone rings*]
666j1: Frank! I just want to say that you're really famous on the internet. And that you have a lot of fans.
Duncan: ...
666j1: Myself included.
Duncan: ...
666j1: So, uh, we love you man.
Duncan (soundboard): Yeah!
666j1: Really. There's like a whole community dedicated to you, and uh, you're really famous. How does that make you feel?
[*Duncan is heard talking with someone in the background*]
Duncan: Hello?
666j1: How does that make you feel, Frank?
Duncan: Speak up, you stupid son of a bitch! I can't even understand ya.
666j1: Well can you understand this? FUCK YOU!
Duncan: I'm not even married, you stupid motherfucker, you. [*hangs up*]

Call #5 (final)

[*phone rings*]
666j1: Hello. Frank? I just wanted to say that you're really famous on the internet man.
Duncan: I'll bet you're a lazy son of a bitch, aren't you? Because you don't have a job, you couldn't have one. And you're fat, to boot. Ugly. [*hangs up*]
666j1: But Frank, you're really famous on the internet! I just wanted ... to let you know. (pause) I'm not fat.
Duncan (soundboard): Do what?
666j1: I said I'm not fat.
Duncan (soundboard): Do what?
666j1: I said I'M not fat!
Duncan (soundboard): Oh, fuck you, fat boy!

[End of call]


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