666j1 wishes Frank a happy New Year
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666j1 wishes Frank a happy New Year is a soundboard prank call made by 666j1.


Call #1

[*phone rings*]
666j1: Hello. Uhh, Happy New Years' man. (slight pause) Hello? Frankie?
Duncan (soundboard): Hellooo!
Duncan: ...
666j1: Frankie!
Duncan (soundboard): Hello.
666j1: Frank!
Duncan: ...
666j1: Hey Frank. Answer me man.
Duncan (soundboard): Bullshit.
666j1: I just wanted to say, yeah um, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Duncan: Yeah..and fuck you. [*hangs up*]
666j1: Ah, thank you man.
Duncan (soundboard): Oh, fuck you...
666j1: (laughs)
Duncan (soundboard): Oh, fuck you!
666j1: (laughs)
Duncan (soundboard): Shit! (pause) Shit! Scared to death.
666j1: Always so kind and pleasant to talk to.
Duncan (soundboard): Yeah.
666j1: You know if I was a Christian I would think that he's, like, demon possessed or something.
Duncan (soundboard): Yes.
666j1: He's ALWAYS, uh, angry at people.
Duncan (soundboard): Sure is. And, uh...
666j1: What happened to him?
Duncan (soundboard): That's right.
666j1: Huh?
Duncan (soundboard): That's right.
666j1: Yeah but why is he always...actually I'm gonna ask him this.
Duncan (soundboard): Yeah.
666j1: I, I wonder what's bothering him?
Duncan (soundboard): Yes! That little stupid son of a bitch has been prank callin' me for six months.
666j1: Can you record this in case of a new line? Because I can't, uh, I can't even record it on this laptop thing.
Duncan (soundboard): Yes.

Call #2

666j1: Ok.
Duncan (soundboard): That little stupid son of a bitch has been prank callin' me for six months.
[*phone rings*]
Duncan (soundboard): You're real tough when you're hidin' behind that-
666j1: Alright, shut up!
Duncan (soundboard): [Unintelligible]
666j1: Fucking..SHUT UP!
Duncan (soundboard): Yeah.
666j1: Yeah Frank, I was just wondering, uh, why are you always so angry, man?
Duncan: Have you taken a good look at yourself in the mirror? You're an aggravatin' son of a bitch, ya know it?
666j1: Huh? What?
Duncan: [*hangs up*]
666j1: What'd he say? I didn't even understand that. And you're arguing again, man. (laughs) But I am pretty handsome though.

Call #3

[*phone rings*]
666j1: Yeah Frank, uh, after really, you know, examining things and a lot of thinking I came to the conclusion that you have a personality disorder. Did you know that?
Duncan: Who gives a shit?
666j1: I do. I care about you.
Duncan: Yeah, I can tell, you motherfucker, you!
666j1: (laughs)
Duncan: [*hangs up*]

Call #4

[*phone rings*]
666j1: Yeah Frank, I know it's hard for you these days, uh, during Christmas. But, uh, if you need a buddy I'm here for you man.
Duncan: Let me tell you something, Mr. Smoothie: you get fucked and leave me alone! Just quit callin' here, that'll solve your problem!
666j1: I just want to be your buddy man.
Duncan: [*hangs up*]
Duncan (soundboard): Oh piss...
666j1: (laughs)
Duncan (soundboard): Who are ya, buddy?

Call #5 (final)

666j1: Yeah, I just want to, uh, apologize.
Duncan: ...
666j1: (louder) I just want to, uh, apologize.
Duncan: (sarcastically) Well you've done that.
666j1: For all these calls.
Duncan: Yeah, I know. About twenty a day, for the last thirty days.
666j1: Oh, that wasn't me! That wasn't me.
Duncan: It came from your phone number.
666j1: Yeah, well that's just, uh, there's multiple people using this phone.
Duncan: Yeah, well let me tell ya something: I'm sittin' here in a hotel...uh, Services, Family Services...
666j1: Yeah.
Duncan: ...and, uh...that's what I'm lookin' you and your damn callin'.
666j1: Alright,'s just me for like, uh, three times but I just wanted to say I'm sorry anyway.
Duncan: Then don't call. I don't want to talk to ya.
666j1: I understand that but uh..hey Frank. Frank! Can I ask you something? Frank?
Duncan: Do what?
666j1: Yeah. Do you know how famous you are man? There's like a lot of-
Duncan: Who gives a shit?
666j1: You don't give a shit?
Duncan: I don't care! That's not what I'm...searchin' for. I'm just tryin' to make a livin', like everybody else!
666j1: No...
Duncan: And...idiots like you that call in on a business phone... it really makes it difficult.
666j1: I know but you could make some serious money out of this man. I mean you have a lot of fans.
Duncan: I know what I'd do, if I knew who ya were and where ya worked at.
666j1: Uh, you'd probably beat me up or something but...
Duncan: "Prob'ly beat you up or something" is right.
666j1: (laughs) Well I'm actually a nice guy though.
Duncan: I'm not that nice a guy. I don't give a shit about nobody but me.
666j1: no but listen. If you put up, uh, an interview or something then I would DEFINATELY buy it. Even if it was, like, a $100. So I'm just saying you could make a lot of money.
Duncan: You can't afford what I got.
666j1: Well probably not. Oh well.
Duncan: You're too busy hidin' behind the telephone.
666j1: Yeah I guess I'm just some loser.
Duncan: [*hangs up*]
666j1: Oh well. I'm sorry. (pause) Oh, he hung up.
Duncan (soundboard): Oh piss...
666j1: He doesn't even want to listen to me. I'm trying to give him seious advice here.
Duncan (soundboard): Yeah!
666j1: You know, I'm just trying to be nice here. You know? I'm sticking my neck out for this guy and what does he do? He cusses at me.
Duncan (soundboard): Oh, fuck you, fat boy!

[End of call]


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