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AgentGibbs is a YouTube user and a hardcore supporter of the prank caller and content thief, Jayuzumi. He not only believes that Jayuzumi is doing nothing wrong by stealing others' soundboards and selling them for profit, but has also reacted with great anger to peoples' criticism of his idol, going so far as to falsely report warning videos about the theft to YouTube as a violation of their policy against "spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content." It is believed that his frivolous complaint was likely responsible for the removal of AntiVenom9808's original warning video, as he had previously threatened to report it.

Simultaneously emboldened by this success and infuriated by the continuing anti-Jayuzumi criticism, he has posted threats to do so again in the comments of DetectiveJohnKemble's repost of the warning video[1] by HarlemBarber:

"Just like the last video, this will be taken down for misleading text or scam. I see why most of the best prank callers like w3b, metalboss44, soundboardking, and briancamino and most of the best soundboard makers left the community years ago."

AG threat

Screencap of AgentGibbs' threat to DetectiveJohnKemble. Click to view full-size version.

Not much else is currently known about AgentGibbs, except that his YouTube channel originally belonged to his father, who seems to have had an odd obsession with celebrity fitness instructor, Denise Austin, as evidenced by the fact that the only videos on his account are over 30 clips of her. The YouTube account was given to him in 2010, which likely means that AgentGibbs is a younger person, like most of Jayuzumi's supporters.

Collusion with JayuzumiEdit

There are significant indications that Jayuzumi himself not only knows about AgentGibbs' false reporting of warning videos about him, but may actually have been the one who originally put him up to it. For example, shortly after AntiVenom9808's original warning video was taken down, he posted this message in the discussion section of AgentGibbs' YouTube account, seemingly in acknowledgement of the kill:

Jayuzumi to AG

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