Al Pacino calls a Family
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Prank Call

Prank Caller


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Al Pacino


Husband and wife



Al calls an ordinary family at home to accuses them of causing him to lose six thousand dollars. The audio is not that good, but the call gets great at the end when the "man of the house" goes insane on Al Pacino.


Wife: Hello?
Al Pacino: Guess who.
Wife: Huh?
Al Pacino: GUESS who. (pause) Well answer me!
Wife: Hello?
Al Pacino: My name is Richard Roma. (pause) Did you hear what I said?
Wife: Am I talking to a computer?
Al Pacino: You just cost me $6,000.
Wife: Six-
Al Pacino: $6,000. (pause) Well answer me!
Wife: What about?! I don't even know who you are!
Al Pacino: My name is Richard Roma.
Wife: Yeah but what's...up? (laughs)
Al Pacino: You just cost me $6,000.
Wife: I did?
Al Pacino: Yes.
Wife: How's that?
Al Pacino: What time do you have?
Wife: I'm not a horse you can bet on.
Al Pacino: What time do you have?
Wife: GAME? Who do you wanna' talk to? The owner of the house?
Al Pacino: Yes.
[*A man picks up the phone*]
Husband: Hello?
Al Pacino: Uhh, D. Ray Morton.
Husband: What?
Al Pacino: You just cost me $6,000.
Husband: Who's this?
Al Pacino: $6,000.
Husband: Who are you?
Al Pacino: My name is Richard Roma.
Husband: I don't even know you.
Wife:(in background) He says you cost him $6,000. Al Pacino: What are you gonna' do about it .. asshole?
Husband: Hey, kiss my ass motherfucker! C'mon over here right now! Motherfucker asshole.
Al Pacino: Fuck you.
Husband: What's your fuckin' problem?! Fuck you, motherfucker! I'll be waitin' for ya'.
Al Pacino: I find out whose fucking cousin you are I'm gonna' go to him and figure out a way to have your ass. FUCK YOU!
Husband: Oh yeah? Fuck you. [*hangs up*]
Al Pacino: You fairy! Fuck you.

[End of call]


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