Amazing Pet Lady
Debbie the Amazing Pet Lady
Actual likeness of Debbie the Amazing Pet Lady


Debbie Lemquist


Prank Call Victim, Victim Soundboard




late 40s, early 50s




New York, USA

The Amazing Pet Lady, also known as the Brooklyn Pet Bitch (real name: Debbie Lemquist[1]), is a victim who was first procured in March 2011 by the prank caller Zoltan5616 (no longer active). 


She was first discovered after being featured on the March 2, 2011 edition of the Howard Stern radio show, during which she had an lively exchange with the personality Ronnie Mund from that program.  Shortly thereafter, the first prank calls were placed to her Skype account and aired on her live BlogTV show.  She was most frequently called by the Springfield Pervert soundboard, and these calls became infamous for the profanity, homophobia, incoherent rants and violent threats the Pet Lady would make to the undeterred soundboard (all delivered in a strong New York accent).  Other soundboards to call the Pet Lady included Duncan, Racist Russian, Peggy (whom several have noted seems to have an uncanny resemblance to the Amazing Pet Lady), Duke Nukem, Creepy Cookie Guy, and Chris the Hacker.  In addition, a lost call featuring the Springfield Pervert was placed in which the Amazing Pet Lady revealed she has a sister named Donna, and this sister proceeded to have phone sex with the Pervert soundboard.

As a Howard Stern personality, she had a sizeable online presence and following, which of course resulted in her YouTube and BlogTV pages being trolled by soundboard quotes (again, usually of the Springfield Pervert), some of which provoked incendiary reactions from her.  With the disappearance of prankster Zoltan, knowledge of the Amazing Pet Lady's Skype account was lost, and prank calls to her subsequently ceased. These calls tend to disappear from and get reuploaded to YouTube, among various channels, and using her various nicknames.

Mental IllnessEdit

Debbie the Amazing Pet Lady has been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, a form of psychosis involving mood swings and disruption of emotional management.  One of the calls to her featured a bonus segment of her calling her pharmacist on her BlogTV show to manage her medication.  This mental disorder is the reason for the extreme emotional outbursts she displays in the prank calls to her.


  • "Get off my fucking Skype shit!"
  • "Yeah motherfucker you wish was rubbin' against your chest I'm tired of you fucking faggot motherfucking piece of shit???"
  • "You a sick bastard, you looking for fucking sex online?"
  • "You jacking it good you sick bastard, you jacking it good motherfucker?"
  • "You cumming motherfucker, you cumming hard on me you fucking pig?"
  • "I'll take you and rip you da fuck off and I'mma stab you and throw you in the fucking river somewhere, okay you fucking cunt?"
  • "Nah, YOU fuck off, you called me you dumb bitch!"
  • "I'll pig-fuck you so fucking hard your little dick will fall off, how's that?"
  • "Yeah 8 inches I got a 10 inch motherfucker, how's that, you like my 10 inches up your hairy ass you fucking scumwad?" (In response to the Springfield Pervert's boasts about his 8 inch cock)
  • "Yeah, Frank Garrett, what do ya want you fuckin' Frank shit fuck?" (In response to Frank Garrett introducing himself)
  • "Fuck your big cock, you got a little dick."
  • "FUCK YOU!!!!"
  • "Not right now. Fuckin' moron, I'm not even on the fuckin' show you stupid fuckin' asshole don't call me after my fuckin' hours."

Prank CallsEdit

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
2011 Amazing Pet Lady vs. Racist Russian & Duncan Zoltan5616 Amazing Pet Lady [2]
2011 Amazing Pet Lady vs. Peggy and Duke Nukem Zoltan5616 Amazing Pet Lady [3]
2011 Springfield Pervert calls the Amazing Pet Lady Zoltan5616 Amazing Pet Lady [4]
2011 Springfield Pervert calls the Amazing Pet Lady - Round 2 Zoltan5616 Amazing Pet Lady [5]
2011 Springfield Pervert calls the Amazing Pet Lady - Round 3 Zoltan5616 Amazing Pet Lady [6]
2011 Springfield Pervert calls the Amazing Pet Lady - Round 4 Zoltan5616 Amazing Pet Lady [7]


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