Angry Alice
Still frame taken from Alice's first appearance on E! Channel's Howard Stern


Wack Pack member


Unemployed. Previously worked with disabled healthcare patients


Birmingham, Alabama




Black American, Italian American

Current Residence



Dwight (divorced)


1 son (born ca. 1980)

Angry Alice (formerly Crazy Alice) is a caller and recurring in-studio guest on The Howard Stern Show. Her first call to the show occurred on July 30, 1997.[1] The Stern staff was quickly taken by her charming candidness and acerbic language. To date, she remains a member of the Wack Pack.[2]

Alice grew up in Birmingham, Alabama, and later moved to California. She has described her racial heritage as being half African American and half Italian.[3] Moreover, Alice claims to be related to the Gotti family, which is known for its connection to organized crime in New York City.[4]

Most remarkably, Alice has a vehement hatred for Black people, despite being Black herself. This hatred stems from past abuse and torment caused by her father and ex-husband.

Angry Alice relies on SSI as her main source of income, since she is able to claim disability for herself.[5] She has one son.[6]

Sound clips from Angry Alice's phone calls and appearances, as well as from prank calls to Alice herself, have been used by both amateur and professional callers. Sal and Richard of The Howard Stern Show have made use of her voice along with others in various calls.

Quotes Edit

  • "Arrivederci, cocksucka!"
  • "Fat fuckin' nigga"
  • "Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you!"
  • "I'm a hypocrite. I hate bein' Black."
  • "Well, you like 'em light-skinned like me."
  • "Who is dis?"

Prank Calls Edit

This is not an exhaustive list.

Date Title Caller Victim
July 18, 2006 Crazy Alice & Sal Talk To A Telemarketer Sal Governale Chimney


Sept 30, 2010 Crazy Alice calls Anti-Obama Talk Show dimesac Anti-Obama

Talk Show

May 3, 2013 Tiesha and Crazy Alice Prank Call mmagenius2 Chicago Hussy
Oct 7, 2010 Crazy Alice and Blue Iris Call Ghetto Sex Talk Radio Show dimesac Sex Talk

Radio Show

March 10, 2009 Jack & Rod Show - Crazy Alice Gets An Exorcism Sal & Richard Dr. Koaya

External Links Edit

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Example Prank Call

Bubba the Love Sponge's Angry Alice Rap

References Edit

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