Angry Arab
Angry Arab
Depiction of Angry Arab


Prank Call Victim



Unknown, possibly San Francisco, California


early to-mid 40s





Angry Arab is a prank call victim who was discovered around 2008. The original call is considered lost, however, from lines taken from the victim's soundboard he was very upset by the caller. At one point, the Angry Arab attempted to scare the prankster away by claiming to be the San Francisco Police Department. There are at least three known existing soundboard calls using the Angry Arab soundboard though the soundboard itself is no longer publically available.


  • "Hello?"
  • "Hello?!"
  • "You talking to me?"
  • "This is San Francisco Police Department."
  • "This is San Frrrancisco PD!"
  • "Fuck YOU motherfucker."
  • "Suck a dick you motherfucker."
  • "Go fuck yourself or suck a dick!"
  • "How many dicks in your life you suck?"
  • "I will FUCK your fucking feesh, like a little bitch! You fucker!!"
  • "Go fuck yourself and save your money because you stick a dick in your ass."
  • "B-b-before you talk to me, go check your mother what she's wearing."
  • "What she wearing you momma?"

Prank CallsEdit

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
N/A Original call to Angry Arab N/A Angry Arab Original call is considered lost.
N/A Angry Arab, Black Guy & Duncan call random people Happypranksgiving Female victim [1]
January 7, 2009 Angry Arab, Chris Farley, and Black Guy make some calls Happypranksgiving Female victim [2]
February 7, 2009 Pawn Shop guy knows lots of sheriffs Happypranksgiving Male victim [3]


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