Angry Black Guy's Morning call to the Harlem Barber was a call made to the eponymous Harlem Barber in January of 2010 by AntiVenom9808.
Prank Call Title Screen Reduced

The original "title card" of the prank call video on YouTube, along with the actual title cropped to the bottom.


The two-call prank, placed at about 12:30 AM EST with the (Angry) Black Guy soundboard, remains one of the most memorable in prank call history for the acrimonious state of rancor exhibited by the Barber in reaction to being called, as well as the variety and style of threatening remarks and homophobic insults, sometimes almost intertwined in his diatribes (see transcript below).

The prank calls seemingly interrupted the Harlem Barber's sexual interactions with his girlfriend, which appeared to have been an even greater cause of anger to him than the time the calls were placed, since the implications are that the store was closed for the night. However, the claims of disrupted intercourse may also have been exaggerated, if not outright fabricated. In spite of rampant homophobia, several threats carried overtly homosexual connotations. In at least one case, a single sentence contained both (Suck my dick, you faggot!).


The following is an approximate transcript of the prank call, based on transcribed audio. Unintelligible dialogue appears as [...].

Call #1Edit

[Phone rings]

  • Harlem Barber: Barber Shop?
  • Angry Black Guy: [quietly] Hello?
  • HB: Hello?
  • ABG: Who is this?
  • HB: HELLO?!
  • ABG: Motherfucker, you don't know me!
  • HB: "Motherfucker," my shit!  You call here at 12:30 at night, you miserable, lousy, sorry bastard!
  • ABG: Don't call mah fuckin house no moh, or you'll get fucked up!
  • HB: [Talking over the soundboard] [...] dick and fuck with a man when he's trying to get some pussy.         Suck my dick, you faggot! [hangs up]

Call #2Edit

[Phone rings]

  • Harlem Barber: ¡Hola! (Spanish: Hello!)
  • Angry Black Guy: You kiss my fuckin black ass, that's what the fuck you do!
  • HB: ¡Hola! ¿Que paso, amigo? ¿Que Paso? ¡Hola! (Colloquially translated: What's up, buddy? What's up? Hello!?)
  • ABG: You suck mah motherfuckin ass!
  • HB: ¡Hola! ¿Que paso? ¿Está bien? (Tambien, colloquially translated: Everything good?)
  • ABG: Do you know who you fuckin' talking to?
  • HB: [ranting loudly over soundboard] ¿Está bien?  Stick your fingers in your fuckin ass, you fuckin faggot, and blow your fuckin brains out!  This dick here will choke you, so I can't put in your mouth, you fuckin faggot!  This dick is made for Women Mouths.  You got tonsils, faggot!  So, suck them tonsils and hope you get a nut, you fuckin bitch!  It's 12:30 in the morning and you ain't got nothin' to do but fuck with somebody!  This woman got my dick in her mouth, I'm looking at you, said "I wish I had my gun; I'd stick dat in yo fuckin mouth!
  • ABG: I'll knock yo fuckin head off yo shoulders! You suck mah motherfuckin ass!
  • HB: [Yelling rapidly] Put your address out there, faggot!  Put your address out there!  FUCK YOU!
  • HB: I come there now, and stick my dick in yo ass and my gun in your fuckin mouth, faggot.
  • ABG: Kiss mah mothafuckin ass, bitch!
  • HB: YOU WANNA GET FUCKED?!  I got a double-header for you: a big 57 and a 9-inch cock, bitch!
  • ABG: I'll knock yo fuckin head off yo shoulders!
  • HB: Don't call here no moh, motherfucker, unless you got your address ready for me.  I'm tired of this phone sex.
  • HB: [Again talking loudly over soundboard] I'm ready to bust yo gluteus maximus wide open and your membranes until your shit start quivering, faggot!  I'm the real freak in town!  Now man up, or excuse me, lady up, bitch!
  • ABG: Do you know who you fuckin' talking to?
  • End of call

External LinksEdit

The original video on AntiVenom9808's YouTube chanell

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