Angry British Hauler
Angry British Hauler depiction
Traditional depiction of the Angry British Hauler

Real Name

David Grice


Prank Call Victim, Victim Soundboard






Ipswich, Suffolk, UK


Owner of 'Removals Booked' and hauler (US English) / removal man (British English)


A wife and baby

The Angry British Hauler (commonly abbreviated to ABH, real name David Grice)[1] is a prank call victim who works as a hauler (or removal man in British English) discovered by Officer Rivieri. He is marked by a lower class-British accent, propensity to rage and apparent distaste for Americans.[2] He was first called in late-June 2014 with the Bail Bondsman soundboard and although calls only lasted to him for two days prior his discontinuation of reacting, adequate lines were procured to make a soundboard[3] and feature length video with the ABH as the star. Several months after the calls to him, Rivieri was contacted on YouTube by the ABH[4] who had found himself online and took action to have the video removed. YouTube are yet to respond as of 10/28/14 however. The video in question was very popular and well received amongst the community with fans and callers alike applauding Rivieri's soundboard control, the merit of the ABH as a victim and his potential as a soundboard character.[5]

ABH's Message to Rivieri Edit

Rivieri was contacted via YouTube with regard to the video ABH featured in by the victim himself five months after the calls were made. ABH initially threatened to have the video taken down by YouTube due to privacy concerns but changed tone after it appeared YT were not going to act on it. His final message to Rivieri is deeply interesting and revealing. It provides insight into the great lengths that some soundboard prank call victims go to:

"We're still a very small, young business and this kind of publicity really isn't helpful. I set this business up to provide for my family as I was made redundant and I don't want any bad publicity. I don't want to come across as a party pooper, but at the time you were making these calls we were running our small business from home and when u were calling up to 20 times a day (day and night) on our home number and mobile, this really affected my wife and I was very worried for our safety; as we thought we may have an enemy. My wife hadn't long came out of hospital with our new born and my wife hated it anytime I left the house in case you phoned again. Especially the parts when u said u knew where we lived.... To begin with, we didn't know it was a prank and the voice felt very real and not at all recorded (as I'm sure it's meant to seem like that). We installed CCTV in our home and took police advice, which wasn't very helpful! It wasn't until we realized it was a prank, we stopped biting back... I'm sure it's very amusing what you do, but when it happens to you, I can assure you it isn't and it's very upsetting and scary. I admit you got some very good reactions from me, and I hate hearing it back on YouTube, as this isn't me, but there was a mixture of angry, worried and scared in there! So if you could please remove the picture and our business name. that would be wonderful. If you would like to call me, please do so and we can talk about this. (I'm sure you still have our number!) Best Regards David."[6]
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True likeness of the ABH and his wife

Rivieri has not called the ABH since June 2014 and does not plan to again due to lack of responsiveness and sympathy for ABH's wife. He will oppose the removal of the video however and any attempt at official action against him. He also notes how ABH got extremely angry with the Bail Bondsman soundboard immediately in the first call. This fact, therefore, he contends renders his “this isn't me” attempt at excusing his funniness and deservingness to be pranked, to be untrue.

Quotes Edit

  • "Good evening, Removals Booked."
  • "Hahaha hello Bradley!"
  • "You've gawt the wrongg numba."
  • "Have you got nothing betta to do with your time?"
  • "Fuck you, you foreign, American cunt!"
  • "Do you know who the fuck you're phoning you nob head?"
  • "Is this a prank or are you being serious? Because if you're being serious, let's meet up!"
  • "You seriously haven't got anything better to do with your sad little life have you?"
  • [Epic rant] "Listen you fucking little nob I'm going to smash your fucking face in if I find out who you are now go fuck yourself you sad little cunt who's got nothing better to do with your sad little life you probably peedo!"
  • "Who the fuck is this!?"
  • "This is a British company."
  • "You do realize that this phone is actually being recorded, this is a business phone, and it will be passed over to the police."
  • "Where are you calling from, California?"
  • "You've err, messed up big time my friend!"
  • "Child molester!"

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