Arnold Schwarzenegger calls a Casino
Telephone ringing twn


Celebrity Prank Call

Prank Caller

Soundboard(s) used

Arnold Schwarzenegger


Female casino employee



Arnold Schwarzenegger calls a Casino to campaign against the Casino's not paying any taxes to California.


[*phone rings*]
Female casino employee: Thank you for choosing (censored). My name is (censored) and may I please have your first name?
Arnold Schwarzenegger: Hi.
Female casino employee: Hi.
Arnold Schwarzenegger: How are you?
Female casino employee: May I have your first name please? (pause) I'm great. How about yourself?
Arnold Schwarzenegger: Good. Now, I'm going to ask you a bunch of questions.
Female casino employee: Ok. Could we start with your first name please?
Arnold Schwarzenegger: No. Indian casino tribes play money politics in Sacramento: $120 million in the last five years. Their casinos make billions, yet pay no taxes and virtually nothing to the state. Other states require revenue from Indian gaming but not us.
Female casino employee: Hello?
Arnold Schwarzenegger: Yeah?
Female casino employee: Are you [unintelligible]?
Arnold Schwarzenegger: Who are you? (pause) Yes.
Female casino employee: Ok, what can I do for you today?
Arnold Schwarzenegger: California is spending $29 million a day more than it takes in. Here's how it works. Money comes in, favors go out, the people loose.
Female casino employee: I apologize sir. I'm going to disconnect this call.
Arnold Schwarzenegger: YOU LIE! I've only one more question.
Female casino employee: Ok. What can I do for you please?
Arnold Schwarzenegger: What the FUCK did I do wrong?!
Female casino employee: Sir, I'm going to disconnect this call.
Arnold Schwarzenegger: Well, I hope you left room for my fist because I'm going to ram it into your stomach and BREAK your god-damned spine!
Arnold Schwarzenegger:[*hangs up*]
[End of call]


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