Arnold Schwarzenegger calls a Strip Club & Chinaman calls a Spa
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Prank Call

Prank Caller


Soundboard(s) used

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chinaman


Strip Club Bitch, Spa employees



This call featured the debut of the Strip Club Bitch. Arnold Schwarzenegger calls a Strip Club located in Toronto, ON, where he gets insulted multiple times by the female receptionist. The Chinaman then calls a spa and confuses the employees.

Arnold Schwarzenegger calls a Strip Club Edit

Arnold calls a strip club and tells the receptionist that his PC is a learning computer. The receptionist quickly loses patience with him, and when she realizes that it's a prank, she begins to accuse him of having a small penis.

The Strip Club Bitch would later be called by Joe Pesci, the Springfield Pervert and others.

Chinaman calls a Spa Edit

The Chinaman calls a spa to try and set up an appointment. The employees attempt to help him, but then inform him that he's going to need someone to call back for him that can speak English.

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