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Az90az90az90az calls Duncan is a soundboard prank call made by Az90az90az90az around 2010. Though typical of the many prank calls received by Duncan during this period, this particular call stands out among other "copy cat" pranksters.

The caller, a Kuwaiti teenager, recorded the prank on his webcam as part a YouTube video and is the first and only call to the victim recorded on video. It is also believed to the farthest prank call Duncan ever recieved.


Call #1

Az90az90az90az: I work for the FBI.
Duncan: Same caller ID! Same caller ID, comes up about twenty times a day! I know you, you [static]...motherfucker, you!
Az90az90az90az: Ok! You're NOT gonna find me.
Duncan: Well, no shit! If I did, I'd probably break your goddamn neck.
Az90az90az90az: Ha ha ha. Yeah motherfucker!
Duncan: Ha ha ha ha. You little... stupid cocksucker! You don't sound like you're old enough to drive, so it'd be a bit hard to find you.
Az90az90az90az: I'm actually a teenager.
Duncan: You're actually a teenager.
Az90az90az90az: Yes.
Duncan: Why does that not surprise me?
Az90az90az90az: I love to call you everyday.
Duncan: You CALL me everyday, you son of a bitch.
Az90az90az90az: I'm gonna find you and one day I'm gonna kill ya'.
Duncan: Buddy, when it comes to violence, that's...that's where I excel! So come on! Bring your goddamn little ignorant pimple-face, son of a bitch!
Az90az90az90az: I'm gonna shoot you with my AK-47.
Az90az90az90az: I can't hear you, motherfucker! Old motherfucker!!
Duncan: You little stupid cocksucker! You ain't tough enough, come on down!
Az90az90az90az: I can't hear .. your old voice.
Duncan: (mimmicks the caller) You got trouble with your voice, haven't ya?
Az90az90az90az: crazy, man. And you don't have a fuckin' life. (laughs)
Duncan: I've got...a life. It's you that don't have a life! probably run around in a goddamn wheelchair with one leg up and one leg down.
Az90az90az90az: Man. What do you want to say to your fans?
Duncan: I don't have any fans.
Az90az90az90az: Yes. On YouTube. On the internet. They call you everyday.
Duncan: Well, fuck! You're the only...stupid son of a bitch that calls me!
Az90az90az90az: No, not only me. There's MILLIONS of people calling you. Believe THAT.
Duncan: No, there's not! You, your wildest dreams!
Az90az90az90az: You're on the internet! YouTube. Search your name.
Duncan: I don't give a shit.
Az90az90az90az: Search your name.
Duncan: What's YOUR name?
Az90az90az90az: My name?
Duncan: Yeah.
Az90az90az90az: I can't tell you my name.
Duncan: Sure you can.
Az90az90az90az: Ok. My name is Sam.
Duncan: Well, big fuckin' deal! Where do you live?
Az90az90az90az: I live in ... another country. NOT America.
Duncan: Well, whoopie, Kai-yai, yo.
Az90az90az90az: I'm calling from the internet.
Duncan: You're callin'...' cause you ain't got nothin' else to do, or nobody to talk to, so fuck you.
Az90az90az90az: Yes...
Duncan: Fuck you.
Az90az90az90az: And fuck you.
Duncan: [*hangs up*]

[End of call]


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