The Bail Bondsh Police Department is a non existing police department used in some Bail Bondsman prank calls. The line was originated from a call by 'Puremadnessman' using Fred's soundboard to call other bail bonds agents. One of the pranked bail bondsmen mistook the line "Upland Police Deparment" for Bail Bonds Police Department.[1]The idea of a Bail Bonds Police Department was thought to be really funny and so Puremadnessman created a new edited line by splicing a "Bail Bonds" quote and an "Upland Police Department" quote togather (Note, "Upland" removed). It has since become a near cult within the prank call community, similar to Duncanism, during the "Duncan Era". The line currently only exists on the recent "Drunk Bail Bondsman" soundboards.


Fred Calls Other Bail Bondsmen at YouTube

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