Though his business has been called multiple times, few details are available on Bail Bondsman's employees compared to the employees of the Harlem Barber or Duncan Construction. Bail Bondsman has often been heard talking to people in the background during calls and explaining the situation, however, it is unknown if these are employees, customers, or police.

It is known that the Bail Bondsman runs the business with his son, Mike Herbert, and has at least one employee ("John") who was famously referenced by the victim in the original 2009 call. ("Erh, just because John read the receipt wrong to're're gonna act this way? Is this your way of...getting out of your responsibilities? Is this way you act?!")[1] John answered the phone when Mystery Man, a neighbor of the Bail Bondsman, called his office in September 2012.[2] As of 2012, John and Mike are the only known employees of Herbert Bail Bonds to be called. It has also been evidenced that another employee, apparently named Ron works for Herbert Bail Bonds.



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