Bell Cab
Bell Cab
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13030 Cerise Ave Hawthorne, CA 90250




Operator's 12, 16, 17, 18, 19, 23, 27, 35 (Unfinished List)


Business, Prank call victim location

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Operator 19

Bell Cab is a taxi cab company operated out of Hawthorne, California. Their business has many negative reviews on Business websites such as Yelp.[1]  They have been the subject to numerous prank calls, both with and without soundboards, recorded and unrecorded, mainly by PranksAreUs84 and OsibePranks17 (formerly 3DPrankz). They are a favorite amongst the pranksters for their low tempers, and insults towards the callers.

Original Calls (Discovery)Edit

In a Private Message sent to a YouTube subscriber by PranksAreUs84, Bell Cab was discovered on a refrigerator. They copied the number down and one night just called it and noticed that unlike most 800 numbers that act in a calm and professional matter, Bell Cab operators have a tendency to get angry towards the pranks.

Message from PranksAreUs84 to an Anonymous YouTube user: "Hi! Thanks for the subscription. I'm glad you enjoyed Fred and Chris Pissing these guys off!! HAHA!! Well, OsibePranks17 (3DPrankz) and I were eating at a Chinese place and we noticed on the fridge where they keep drinks a bunch of magnets, and we just copied all the numbers down. None were fun targets except Bell Cab. This was the 1st recorded call I made to them. After 2 years of calling them myself, I can't believe this was the 1st recorded call I post."

Awareness of the Prank Call CommunityEdit

It appears that some employee's know about the prank call community. It is unknown how, but some speculation may be that they did research after being called since 2012, or they were tipped off by an unknown party. Operator 19 recognized the Chris the Hacker soundboard, while in a recent 2/5/14 call by PranksAreUs84 with the Prosecutor, Operator 35 called him Gregory Stevens, despite him never mentioning Gregory Stevens in a call to him. It turns out one of the employees at Bell Cab found this wiki and tried to blank out all the pages in an unsuccessful attempt to hide the info. An IP check led it back to one of their offices in Bell, Ca. It is unknown which employee was responsible for this.


Name Image Notes
Operator 19
Operator 19

Traditional Depiction of Operator 19

Operator 19 (Real Name Brittney) is the head manager/operator of Bell Cab's night shift. She was discovered by OsibePranks17 and PranksAreUs84 in 2012. While most operators at Bell cab simply hang up or say "Operator Disconnecting", this operator actually engages with callers and tries to make them look pathetic when doing so. 
Operator 35
Operator 35

Traditional Depiction of Operator 35

A New Employee, Operator 35 is part of Operator 19's night shift. Unlike his manager, who gets angry and shows it amongst the pranksters, he makes fun of them and plays along. He was discovered by PranksAreUs84 in December 2013 when called by the Bail Bondsman. It is speculated that he did research on the community since he called The Prosecutor "Gregory Stevens".


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