Prank Caller




Claims to be 20


somewhere in Europe

bEy0ND (or schwarzpranks)[1] is a prank caller from Europe.

Prank HistoryEdit

He joined the community on 9 May 2011


BEy0ND is suspected by some to be the unknown prankster who made a bomb threat to the Houston, Texas Police Department with the Rick the Mullet Man soundboard (likely a misheard interpretation of Rick's "I'm gonna blow you away like lint." line). This incident, like the earlier A Nightmare On Burton Street series of calls, sparked an investigation by local and federal authorities and resulted in another exposé of the Prank Call Community on the local FOX News station.

At this time, however, it is unknown for sure whether it was BEy0ND or another, still-unknown prankster who was actually responsible for the call.

Soundboard prank callsEdit


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