Biff Tannen calls a Racist Barmaid
Telephone ringing twn


Prank Call

Prank Caller

Soundboard(s) used

Biff Tannen


Racist Barmaid



Biff Tannen calls a barmaid who somehow thinks that he is black and throws some racial slurs at him. This call marked the debut of the victim now known as the Racist Barmaid and was later used to make the victim soundboard of her.


[*Phone rings*]

Racist Barmaid: Hollywood Tavern.
Biff: Hey butthead!!!
Racist Barmaid: Hello?
Biff: Hello!
Racist Barmaid: Yeah, you called the Hollywood Tavern?
Biff: You caused $300 bucks damage to my car, you son of a bitch! I'm gonna take it out of your ass.
Racist Barmaid: (talking to someone in the background) Oh, it is! It's gonna take me out on my ass and I can hear everything I say!
Biff: Idiot.
Racist Barmaid: Okay, well...good thing we got your number on caller ID and we're gonna get you for harassment!
Biff: Oh ho ho! So go ahead!
Racist Barmaid: So keep...keep calling. Wanna talk some more shit?
Biff: Yeah!
Racist Barmaid: Talk s'more shit, bitch!
Biff: (laughs)
Racist Barmaid: Okay, I'm gonna hang up...I'm gonna...I'm gonna call the police right now.
Biff: Kid! I own the police!
Racist Barmaid: Uh huh? (talks to someone in the background) Oh, it says to call the police. It's some computer, know those movies with those psychos?
Woman in Background: Mmm hmm?
Racist Barmaid: It's saying like that kind of stuff! (turns her attention back to Biff) Talk your shit!
Biff: Mister Loser! That's right.
Racist Barmaid: Oh, I'm a loser?
Biff: Loser with a capitol "L".
Racist Barmaid: Yeah, I'm a loser and what? So? What else ya got, bitch?
Biff: Tough break, kid. Tough break, kid.
Racist Barmaid: You're that cool and you're fuckin' bad, why don't you show your face at the Hollywood and talk your shit?
Biff: Yeah!
Racist Barmaid: Huh? Come on.
Biff: Let's have it and me...right now.
Racist Barmaid: What are you, black?
Biff: I'm callin' you out!
Racist Barmaid: What?
Biff: Let's settle this once and for all, runt! Or ain't you got the gumption?!
Racist Barmaid: What do you got?
Biff: Must be rough being named after a complete butthead!
Racist Barmaid: I--I'm feelin' special 'cause you're calling!
Biff: (laughs) Hey! That's bullshit!
Racist Barmaid: You must be insecure...'cause I could call somebody and talk a lot of shit...and fuckin'...get nowhere!
Biff: Shut up, ya old bag!
Racist Barmaid: Oh, yeah... My man talks more shit than you do!
Biff: Hey! That's bullshit!
Racist Barmaid: Come on, bring it, bitch!
Biff: Let's have it and me...right now.
Racist Barmaid: What...did you guys just learn a new computer game, call somebody and they can hear the...every word they...the person says and then you talk a little shit?
Biff: Yeah!
Racist Barmaid: Yeah? Cool. We can go all night long if you want.
Biff: Well, that's very nice, thank you very much.
Racist Barmaid: Bring it.
Biff: So why don't you make like a tree...and get out of here.
Racist Barmaid: Put some lotion on the skin...
Biff: Are you chicken?!
Racist Barmaid: Come on, nigger!
Biff: That's it, isn't it? Nothing but a little chicken!
Racist Barmaid: Why'd you keep cuttin' out?
Biff: I'll get fired!
Racist Barmaid: Come on, bring it!
Biff: Bitch!
Racist Barmaid: Oooh! Like I haven't been called that before!
Biff: I think you ain't nothin' but a gutless yella turd!
Racist Barmaid: Uh...I ain't nothin' but a...put a fuckin' binky in my mouth, 'cause I can't understand you!
Biff: You gutless, yellow pie-slinger!
Racist Barmaid: [*hangs up*]

[*End of call*]