The Black Guy calls Duncan Construction
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Lost Prank Call

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The Black Guy calls Duncan Construction was one of the earliest prank calls made to Frank Garrett and was also one of the first (if not *the* first) made to him with the Black Guy soundboard. It was deleted during the 2008 Duncan Scare and is now considered a lost prank call.

See also: Black Guy calls Duncan Construction Again, the follow-up to this call.


  • Note: written from memory; may not be 100% accurate.

[*Phone Rings*]
Duncan: Duncan Construction.
Black Guy: Don't calls mah fuckin' house! You'll get fucked-up!
Duncan: (coughs a bit)
Black Guy: You know who you's talkin' to, boy? You know who you fuckin' talkin' to?!
Duncan: (starts while Black Guy is speaking) You goddamn stupid bastard, you! I get tired of listening to you!
Black Guy: Motherfucker?
Duncan: [*hangs up*]

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