Black Guy Calls Irate Black Man
Telephone ringing twn


Victim Prank Call

Prank Caller


Soundboard(s) used

Black Guy


Irate Black Man



Black Guy calls Irate Black Man was yet another series of original calls made to Irate Black Man, this time, with a soundboard of another past victim of Joe Pesci, the Black Guy.


Call #1

[*Phone Rings*]
Irate Black Man: Hello?
Black Guy: Don't calls mah fuckin' house! You know who you fuckin' talkin' to?!
Irate Black Man: Who da fuck am I talkin' to, homeboy?
Black Guy: Don't calls mah fuckin' house no more. You kiss mah fuckin' black ass, dat's what da fuck you do!
Irate Black Man: (chuckles) I think I'll put a bullet in yo motherfuckin' ass, early dis mornin', with dat bullshit. Who da fuck you think yo talkin' to, bitch? See yo ass soon, punk.
Black Guy: If you call...if you call mah fuckin' house again, bitch, I'm a-tell ya this: yo motherfuckin' ass will get locked-up quick-fast in da heartbeat.
Irate Black Man: [*hangs up*]

Call #2

[*Phone Rings*]
Irate Black Man: Hello?
Black Guy: Who da fuck you talkin' to, motherfucker?!
Irate Black Man: You better speak the fuck up! Who is this?!
Black Guy: I'll tell ya what, motherfucker!
Irate Black Man: Yeah, what's up, bitch? Meet me somewhere!
Black Guy: Come on, put it! I'll tell ya where da fuck I'm at! Come on, put it! You won't put no motherfuckin' body else ta sleep!
Irate Black Man: I'll smoke you! You got some artillery? You better have some, fuckin' with me, 'cause I ain't never called yo crib, bitch! Now you wanna start somethin'? Meet me somewhere. Mah whole family on da police force, I got plenty 'o gats! Meet me where you want me, but you better be strapped! 'Cause I'm gonna be strapped and I'm gonna SMOKE yo ass, if you're talkin' shit, bitch! Dis ain't no motherfuckin' joke! I ain't never called yo crib! I don't even know yo PUNK ass! But you wanna meet me somewhere, ho'?! I got somethin' for ya, bitch!
Black Guy: Motherfucker, you don't know me!
Irate Black Man: [*hangs up*]

Call #3 (final)

[*Phone Rings*]
Irate Black Man: What da FUCK do you want??!
Black Guy: I'll knock yo fuckin' head off at da shoulder!
Irate Black Man: Man, you ain't knockin' nothin', bitch! You meet me somewhere, give me a address, and I'm gonna put a bullet in yo bitch ass! Ain't no fightin', ho'! I will SMOKE you! Quit callin' mah motherfuckin' crib, bitch ass nigger! Go jag-off some motherfuckin' where! You wanna fuck with dis?! You bring some artillery, puss-ass nigger! I ain't got time for yo FUCK ass dis mornin'!!! Dick-suckin' ass ho'! MEET ME SOMEWHERE!!! QUIT CALLIN' ON THE DA MOTHERFUCKIN' PHONE, LIKE A...PUSSY BLEEDIN' ASS BITCH! MEET ME SOMEWHERE, HO'!!! DON'T CALL MY MOTHERFUCKIN' CRIB NO MORE!!!! YOU DO, COME BY HERE STRAPPED, BITCH!!! I TOLD YOU, DIS AIN'T NO MOTHERFUCKIN' JOKE!!!! I'LL CATCH YOU ANYWHERE LIKE I SAID, I WILL SMOKE YO ASS!!!!
Black Guy: Who da fuck you talkin' to, motherfucker?! Don't calls mah fuckin' house no more.
Irate Black Man: [*hangs up*]

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