BlogTalkRadio is a website that features audio podcasts, both live and recorded in which listeners could call into & either simply listen in or to talk to the hosts. The podcast website became popular among prank callers including members of the soundboard community in 2009 when hosts such as Bill Waggoner & Ghost began receiving prank calls.

Prank call activity on the website peaked between 2011-2012 as a result of the popularity of Ghost's show, "True Capitalist Radio" among prank callers due to his constant rage toward the callers. Since the show's end in May 2012, prank call activity on the website has dropped with only a handful of prank callers who still troll shows on the website.

Early Prank Call History (2009-2011)Edit

Around late 2009, podcast shows on the website became a target among prank callers. Callers would need to call the show call-in number, press 1 & wait for the host to bring the caller on the air. Since BlogTalkRadio began allowing call screening on premium shows, it has become difficult to call a show with soundboards but some shows do not screen callers at all.

Among the podcast hosts who were targets by prank callers included but were not limited to:

  • Bill Waggoner, an internet spammer who became notorious for sending people multiple spam emails using a countless amount of alias & email addresses. As a result, he received the nickname, "The Spam King". He also has a following of listeners called the "Bill Waggoner Crew" who have been known to make prank calls to other radio shows.
  • Ghost, a right-wing political podcast host who is best known for his rage. His rages ranged from his anger toward the U.S. government to the various news stories. After he became a victim of prank calls on his podcast show, his rages toward callers became a regular thing & later resulted in more prank calls to his podcast. He would later have a soundboard made with his voice in 2011. Like Bill Waggoner, he also had a following of prank callers & listeners known as the "Capitalist Army".
  • Debi Daly, another podcast host that has been known to have nervous breakdowns over prank callers & chat room trolls who call her radio show on a regular basis. Among the many podcast hosts on BlogTalkRadio, she's been known to have the most amount of feuds with other podcast hosts on the website. She continues to podcast on BlogTalkRadio on an occasional basis to this date.

Ghost era (2011-2012)Edit

BTR Ghost Raid - 5 12 11 - More Soundboards Shoutouts07:23

BTR Ghost Raid - 5 12 11 - More Soundboards Shoutouts

In June 2011, Ghost started receiving hundreds of prank calls from several troll communities including the soundboard community. A user named 'Spermy the Cat' created a soundboard using his voice & later called his show using the soundboard. As a result of the call, Ghost would become angry with the callers using his voice & uploading videos about him on YouTube & made empty threats that he was going to get 'punitive damages' from people who uploaded them. His voice would later be used for soundbytes & remixes which made Ghost extremely angry.

Sadly, after being a victim of several prank calls, being hacked on Twitter & neglecting his family because of these shows, Ghost called it quit in May 2012 & hasn't done a broadcast since.

In addition to Ghost who remained the most popular target for prank callers at the time, other shows would also become targets due to having a form of connection to Ghost(either copycats or regular callers of his show).

  • Goofy Bone, host of his podcast show, "186.DUCE". His podcast was highly criticised negatively as being an awful copycat of Ghost's show. He was recently blocked from BlogTalkRadio as of Summer 2013 & has since been podcasting on Spreaker.
  • Bail Bondsman vs16:40

    Bail Bondsman vs. Jewish Radio Host

    PonyToast, host of a My Little Pony-themed podcast called "True Equestria Radio". His show is also a copycat of Ghost's show but focuses on My Little Pony-related topics. He remains on BlogTalkRadio & continues to receive prank calls from a cult following that includes members of the soundboard community. PonyToast himself was also a target of a few soundboard prank calls to his cell phone. The most notable soundboard call to this show was when his Jewish co-host, "Earnest" took a call from Bail Bondsman.

Recent Prank History (2012-present)Edit

After Ghost's departure from internet broadcasting, prank callers have since moved on to other BlogTalkRadio podcasts. Some shows have become gems for prank calls & some would be one-time prank call raids.

Respected Gentleman calls a Radio Show08:02

Respected Gentleman calls a Radio Show

In addition to ongoing shows from hosts, Debi Daly, PonyToast & Goofy Bone, examples of these radio shows that became constant targets of prank calls included:

  • Psychic Kay, a psychic who sounds as if she's about to have a mental breakdown(which she's been known to do so on a few occasions). Her catchphrase, "Thank you, God bless you" is used whenever she cuts a caller off the air. She left BlogTalkRadio as a result of the constant prank call raids on her show.
  • Vince in the Bay, a former regular caller on Ghost's live podcasts. He proclaims himself as the 'Howard Stern of hackers/nerds'. There are also an urban legend that he collects IP Addresses of all the callers on his podcast show. He continues to conduct live podcasts on his BlogTalkRadio channel on an occasion basis & still recieves prank calls during these shows.
  • Robert Boner, an amateur wrestler & 'self-promoting asshole' according to the prank callers. During the original series of prank calls to his show in summer 2013, he developed a hate toward all the prank callers who called into his podcast & recieved more calls from the Soundboard Community than any other live podcast on BlogTalkRadio. Similar to Ghost & Bill Waggoner, he has a small following known as the 'Hambone Army' as a result of a soundbyte where Robert calls himself a 'Hambone' & is traditionally depicted as a hambone. Currently, he conducts occasional podcasts & has a love-hate relationship with the regular prank callers on his show.

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