Blue Flag Room
Hotel utica
The Hotel Utica, where the Blue Flag Room is located


Prank Call Victim Location

Associated Victim(s)

Stuck in the Elevator Guy, various female employees


102 Lafayette St
Utica, NY

Additional Info

Located inside the Hotel Utica

The Blue Flag Room is the upscale restaurant owned and operated until recently by Dave Morgan, aka, the Stuck in the Elevator Guy in Utica, New York.

The restaurant was apparently started sometime after June 2007, when Morgan's previous restaurant, Kitty's On The Canal (from where he made his famous elevator call), was shut down and evicted from its 16 Harbor Lock Road address. At issue were thousands of dollars in back rent owed to the City of Utica, which owned the building.[1]

For the first five years of operation, the Blue Flag Room was located in the Boehlert Center at Union Station at 321 Main Street in Utica. In fall 2011, however, Oneida County, the owners of the property, opted not to renew the restaurant's lease and initiated eviction proceedings against Morgan, based on the recommendation of Oneida County Executive, Anthony Picente. Unlike the previous situation with Kitty's On the Canal, Morgan was current on his rent at the time.[2]

Blue flag room interior

Interior view of the Blue Flag Room.

The Blue Flag Room began operating out of its current Hotel Utica location in February 2012.

On June 4, 2012, the YouTube uploader and prankster, PicklePranks, called the Blue Flag Room several times with a custom soundboard of Morgan's voice, made from clips of the elevator call. After cursing-out and annoying several staff members, he started trying to get the real Dave Morgan on the phone, but he was apparently not in the building. All was not lost, however and on the final call, a well-meaning female employee was successfully duped into revealing Morgan's cellphone number. After posting the video on YouTube, PicklePranks asked for suggestions for soundboards to call him with and within hours, had posted a brand new set of calls to Dave himself from the Bail Bondsman.

With the February 2013 conviction of Dave Morgan and his wife Cynthia for insurance fraud[3][4], the future of the restaurant is uncertain at this time.

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