Bob Lassiter


Celebrity Soundboard


Radio Host

Birth Date

September 30, 1945

Place of Birth

Camden, New Jersey

Death Date

October 13, 2006

Place of Death

Tampa, Florida


Mary Toensfeldt (1990-his death)

Bob "Mad Dog" Lassiter (September 30, 1945 – October 13, 2006) was a talk radio host best known for a long stint in Tampa, Florida in the 1980s and 1990s.

His show was known for his trading insults and combative relationship with both radio station management and his callers, particularly with elderly Christians and conservatives. As heated as the confrontations got, Lassiter rarely would raise his voice, instead speaking in a polished announcer style with a distinctive lisp. Numerous airchecks of Lassiter's on-air confrontations circulate on the internet to this day.

Lassiter was famous for trolling his audience including subjecting them to long periods of dead air and announcing non-existent contests and cash giveaways. He specifically sought confrontational callers and would often insult or promptly hang up on callers who claimed to agree with him. He invited prank callers to call his show - many of whom would flush toilets or blow raspberries - specifically to insult them for wasting his and their time.

Quotes of Bob Lassiter Edit

  • Is that why that guy behind you is laughing: he's a faggot?
  • There's only one thing in this entire life that gets to me and I've never shared it with you. And you guys have never been able to figure it out.
  • Get off my phone, you subhuman pig!
  • We're talking about our devout friends tonight and their convoluted thinking. You see our devout friends believe that everything in this life goes according to God's plan, and yet they're constantly petitioning God to change his plan.
  • Sir, don't you tell me how to run my show or run my life. That's a good way to get gone, you know what I mean?

External Links Edit

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