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Boomhauer calls Duncan was an early prank call made to Frank Garrett with a soundboard of Boomhauer, from the popular FOX syndicated primetime animated series, King of the Hill. It was the source of Duncan's dozer lines as well as the line, "Hey, let me tell ya how I feel: fuck you!" and is considered a lost prank call, having been one of the ones deleted as a result of the 2008 Duncan Scare.

A reconstruction of it was later created by Bladez636, based on SoCalCoaster's recollections. The reconstruction was then itself lost, after the suspension of Bladez' account 'thebladezman' in October 2009, but in July 2013, a YouTube user named Wes Martino discovered an old hard drive in his possession that contained a copy of it, along with several other lost calls, including the Gay Florist's final call to the Epic Crazy Lady. In 2015, Bladez would do a more advanced recreation of the missing call. The original by SoCalCoaster, however, remains lost.

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  • Note: based on a soundboard recreation of the original; may not be 100% accurate or complete.

[*Phone Rings*]
Duncan: Duncan Construction.
Boomhauer: I been callin' y'all people for better than a month now, gripin' at y'all every time that dang 'ol dog across the street started yappin' his jaw, twenty four hours a day an...and nobody answered. Ya...called... How ya supposed ta come down here and do anything about that dog, if ya'll just gonna...? Your dang 'ol computer, ain't gonna come over here and just...shut that dang 'ol dog up!
Duncan: got the wrong guy, buddy! I don't even have a dozer!
Boomhauer: Yeah man, I'll you what! Talkin' about them dang 'ol condom dispensers...with them...they...put that little fifty cents in there, then try and hit that...coin return and bang on that thing and just...talkin' about...her needs...
Duncan: Y-you're out of your mind, buddy! I don't even have a dozer and I don't do dirt work!
Boomhauer: Say Hank, man...I dunno what you're thinkin', man, but y'all...just got to know, man, I ain't no dang 'ol Woody Allen with that...little 'ol...Soon-Yi, man...that's just...nothing's gonna happen...
Duncan: Hey let me tell ya how I feel: fuck you! [*hangs up*]

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