Boomhauer calls Duncan Again
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Duncan boomhauer again

Boomhauer calls Duncan Again was a follow-up call to the original made to Frank Garrett with a soundboard of Boomhauer, from the popular FOX syndicated primetime animated series, King of the Hill. Unlike it's predecessor, this one is not a lost call and actual copies of it still exist.


[*Phone rings*]
Duncan: Duncan Construction.
Boomhauer: Yeah man, I tell ya what! That dang ol' Internet, man. You just go on there and point and click. Talk about W-W-dot-W-com...naked chicks on there, man. You gonna click. Click. Click. Click. Click. It's real easy, man.
Duncan: (says nothing)
Boomhauer: Say Hank, man...I dunno what you're thinkin', man, but y'all...just got to know, man, I ain't no dang 'ol Woody Allen with that...little 'ol...Soon-Yi, man...that's just...nothing's gonna happen...
Duncan: Listen ya tongue-tied son of a bitch, ain't ya got something better to do?!
Boomhauer: Hey man! Yo, look...put that dang 'ol thing out, man! Ya know...gonna be lightin' up like that, man, you gonna be like a dang 'ol junkie man! Ya...gonna be messin' my head with that dang 'ol...secondary nicotine like that, man.
Duncan: [*hangs up*]