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Brucie calls Duncan is a soundboard prank call made by MrOfftheChainz in 2009.


Call #1

[*phone rings*]
Brucie: [Unintelligible]..and want me to straight JACK your ass, ok? And KILL you. And you'll be lonely and, and then I'd have to make you suck MY dick, ok? (slight pause) Alright? Now you don't want that shit, ok? I'll show YOU what a real man IS, unlike you little man, aight? Motherfucker.
Duncan: You sick son of a bitch, you.
Brucie: You're just a little pussy boy. Little pussy.
Duncan: [*hangs up*]

Call #2

[*phone rings*]
Brucie: It's gonna' be a BAD motherfuckin' day for you, bitch.
Duncan: ...
Brucie: I'd have you carved the fuck up and buried TWENTY-FIVE different boxes, you motherfucker.
Duncan: ...
Brucie: I'll cut you up and flush YOU down the fuckin' toilet dude. What are you talkin' about?!
Duncan: You sick son of a bitch, you.
Brucie: Maybe I'll just rape your fuckin' girlfriend in front of you cocksucker!
Duncan: [*hangs up*]

[End of call]


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