Burger King Harassment Prank Calls


Prank Call Series

Prank Caller(s)


Soundboard(s) used

Chinaman, Stoned Chinaman, Black Guy, Drunk Guy, Officer Martin, Tom the Pissed Off Roofer, Drunken Wife Beater, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kanye West, Hank Hill, The Great Cornholio, Homer Simpson, Spirit of Truth, Irate Black Man, Chinese Delivery Guy, Perverted Indian , Angry Video Game Nerd, Strip Club Bitch, Kelsey Grammer, Hotel Jackass, Howard Stern,Vegeta,Lally, Norm Barstool


Various Burger King employees, Perverted Indian (Lally)


9 parts, approx. 8 min. apiece

The Burger King Harassment Prank Calls are a series of prank called made by AntiVenom9808 to Burger King. There are a total of eight parts. The Burger Kings targeted are generally within Surrey, British Columbia. The calls are well known for the Indian employees who frequently answer the phone. The series uses a wide variety of soundboards, ranging from victims to celebrities. The most recurring soundboard in the series is Arnold Schwarzenegger, who appears in all of the calls except Parts 2, 6 and 8.

Part 1 Edit

In the original Burger King Harassment, the Chinaman continuously harasses the same Burger King over and over, until he starts getting death threats from the employees. Arnold Schwarzenegger then calls them back. Afterward, Chinaman calls another Burger King and confuses the female empoyee. Homer Simpson calls her back once, before targeting several other Burger Kings. Lastly, the Drunk Guy places a call to the second Burger King Chinaman targeted, ending the call in a violent confrontation.

Part 2 Edit

In the second part, the female Burger King employee the Drunk Guy and Chinaman previously called gets a rude call from the Black Guy. Following that call, the Stoned Chinaman calls another Burger King and ends up speaking to the manager.

Part 3 Edit

The Gay Florist makes his Burger King Harassment debut as he calls Burger King speaking the an employee and the manager. The Great Cornholio then dials up another Burger King, where the employee threatens to call the cops on him. The Drunk Guy returns, calling another location and also gets threatened with the police by two female Indian employees who unintentionally sound rather comical when giving their threats. The final location to be called features Arnold, who scares the employee in his search for Sarah Conner. Hank Hill then dials back, threatening to kick the employee's ass.

Part 4 Edit

The female employee previously called by Chinaman, Drunk Guy and the Black Guy gets harassed once again, this time by the Chinese Delivery Guy. She quickly catches on, but still dishes back the curse words. She then gets called over and over again by Biff Tannen. Arnold then calls another location, speaking to an employee who has little time or patience for him. The final call consists of Ozzy Osbourne harassing an employee who accuses Ozzy of liking cock.

Part 5 Edit

Part 5 features the debut of the most popular victim of the Burger King Harassment series, the Perverted Indian (also known as Lally). Arnold calls a Burger King late at night and gets on the employee's nerves instantly. The employee tells Arnold that prank calling here won't work, but when Arnold calls back, he instantly throws a slew of insults at him, and eventually starts demanding that Arnold comes to his house so that they can have sex. He starts to beg Arnold and states a whole bunch of sick facts about himself. After that call ends, another Burger King gets harassed by Kanye West. The Chinaman then calls the perverted Indian back, and finds out that his name is supposedly Ros Winckl. The Perverted Indian then claims that his last name is Lally and accuses the Chinaman of being a Pussy. Kelsey Grammer makes the final call, where he is greeted by more of the Perverted Indian's obscenities.

Part 6 Edit

This is the only Burger King Harassment call to feature victims only. Tom the Pissed Off Roofer calls a Burger King in Ontario, making the employee nervous. Another employee gets on the phone and eventually realizes that he's talking to a recording. Deputy Martin calls another location, confusing the employee. The Strip Club Bitch makes a call where the employee snaps at her, telling her that people here are treated with respect. The Drunken Wife Beater makes the final call, where the lady yells at him, telling him that's he's being a child.

Part 7 Edit

This is possibly the best of the series, and the only Burger King Harassment to be a single call without redials. The employee who had previously been called by the Drunken Wife Beater gets called back by the Irate Black Man. The lady is quick to call the police, and she can be heard talking to them while another employee mocks the Irate Black Man. Deputy Martin gets on the phone and the employee instantly stops mocking him. The employee who called the police gets back on, and exchanges words with Deputy Martin, who is soon joined on the phone by Arnold.

Part 8 Edit

The employee previously harassed in the first four calls returns when she's called by the Perverted Indian, who makes an advance on her before asking her if she wants to die. The Angry Video Game Nerd calls them back and is insulted multiple times. Chinaman returns and engages in a violent conversation with one of the employees. The final call is a bonus call where the Drunk Guy terrorizes a Blockbuster.

Part 9 Edit

Prank CallsEdit

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