CCL Michaela
CCL Michaela
Traditional depiction of
CCL Michaela


Michaela Peterson


Prank Call Victim, Victim Soundboard


Certified ticket agent for Caribbean Cruise Line


Mid-20s to early-30s when called




Florida, USA

CCL Michaela (real name: Michaela Peterson) is a prank call victim employed by the telemarketing scam company, Caribbean Cruise Line, who received her own soundboard.  She was discovered by Prank Hill and the old Gregory Stevens in their simultaneous call Fred and his wife Karen go on a cruise.

She was the first CCL representative made into a soundboard, and was originally named the Cruise Scammer.  Prank Hill decided to change the soundboard's name to CCL Michaela once the next CCL representative, CCL Larry, received his own soundboard.  Later, another representative, CCL Andrew, also received the soundboard treatment.


  • "You've never swam with the dolphins?!?" - (she may actually be saying "swimmed" here, which would make it even funnier)
  • "Oh.  My.  Gosh.  That's going to be amazing!  The GRAND BAHAMA ISLANDS!?!"
  • "It's amazing, it's amazing!"

Soundboard downloadEdit

Version 2.0 of the CCL Michaela soundboard can be found here:!UpAxkIAY!QFYrqjeHYOg9nfX0sRftjT4aliBAPhHYJrvGpoDrbSc

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