Calgary Butcher
Depiction of Calgary Butcher


Prank Call Victim




Calgary, Alberta


c. 1938 (age 78–79)





Calgary Butcher is a prank call victim who was discovered by Wilford Brimley in July 2013. He is an elderly Canadian who enjoys ranting on a wide variety of conspiracy-related topics of a somewhat unusual nature. Unlike traditional prank victims, Calgary Butcher is called not for his responses to the caller but for the purpose letting him go on lengthy ramblings.


The Calgary Butcher was originally called on the July 20th edition of Wilford Brimley LIVE and is the second-ever victim discovered in a live prank call after Gullible Guy. He was called via request from a soundboard fan, 3HaloODST, who discovered his number on the website[1]

The initial call by Bail Bondsman was short and mostly with the victim's foul-mouthed granddaughter who, believing the caller to be "really drunk", put Calgary Butcher on the line near the end of the call. He asked if the caller if was "looking for a manpartner" and suggested he "go down and ask the police chief to give you a blowjob". Follow-up calls from Springfield Pervert and Creepy Security Guard prompted a number of bizarre claims related to decades-old crimes in the Native Canadian community, specifically serial murders which took place in the mid-1960s, and that he had been under surveillance by various law enforcement agencies since 1980. He also charged government abuse during this period, including the theft of $11 million from his family, and hinted that the Calgary offices of Shaw Cable had been blown up on his behalf after the company had cut off his phone (and whose security officers were also listening in on the call). Interestingly, Calgary Butcher told the caller that "if you have a tape recorder you can put this on YouTube if you wish so I can tell the world the truth".[2]

Two days later, the call was flagged by an anonymous source causing Wilford Brimley's main channel to be taken down by YouTube. Wilford Brimley believed that the call was reported by Caribbean Cruise Line in retaliation for a 4 hour call to their hotline the previous night. The Calgary Butcher made his second appearance on the August 9th edition of Wilford Brimley LIVE where he called by the East Texas Hillbilly soundboard. When asked by ETH if he heard about Benghazi, he immediately went on a long rant about the topic.

Prank CallsEdit

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
July 20, 2013 Wilford Brimley LIVE 7/20 Wilford Brimley Calgary Butcher Original call. [3][4]
July 22, 2013 Duncan leaves a message for the Calgary Butcher OfficerNikolai Calgary Butcher [5]
August 9, 2013 Wilford Brimley LIVE 8/9 Wilford Brimley Calgary Butcher [6]


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