Chillicothe, Missouri Police Department


613 Walnut Street, Chillicothe, Missouri, 64601

Phone Numbers

Primary: (660) 646-2121 Toll Free: 1-877-646-2185

Current Chief of Police

Chief Rick Knouse

Known Police officers

Sgt. Scott Chubick, Capt. Tony Kirkendole, Sgt. John Valbracht, Sgt. Johnny Palmer


The Chillicothe, Missouri Police Department received multiple threatening prank calls from a caller using a soundboard of Rick The Mullet Man.[1] It is unknown when these calls were made, but a new soundboard was created. The soundboard was of Lt. Scott Chubick (formally Sergeant). Only a few calls have been made using the soundboard, but no public soundboard currently exists.

It should be advised that under no circumstances, should a police department ever be prank called, especially if the calls become threatening. In the First 3 calls made to the Chillicothe Police Department, A man who did not identify himself answered the phone and spoke with caller until the calls became full of profanity and threats. It is suspected that the man who answered the first 3 calls was Captain Tony Kirkendole, but this hasn't been proven or disproven. in the 4th and final call to the Chillicothe Police Department, a Woman, who identified herself as "Cindy" picked up the phine and spoke with the caller, then handed the phone to Lt. Scott Chubick when the caller began to curse and make threats. It is unknown whether or not the prank caller was ever traced down and punished for the prank calls.


  1. Rick The Mulletman Calls Chillicothe Missouri Police on YouTube

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