ChrisChanPrankCalls is a retired prank caller and video editor who was active on YouTube from 2010 to 2011. He specialized in Chris-chan and Bob Chandler calls, at one point calling the Chandlers with his real voice, and used their soundboard to call the Ku Klux Klan, National Rife Association, and PETA; his final call was to the Church of Scientology. ChrisChanPrankCalls has 15 calls (as of August 2011).

Prank callsEdit

Date Title Soundboard Victim Duration Notes Ref.
2010 Chris-chan calls Charlottesville's Best Buy Chris-chan Best Buy Lost call [1]
July 6, 2010 Chris-chan calls PETA Chris-chan PETA Lost call [2]
July 6, 2010 Bob Chandler calls PETA Bob Chandler Female victim [3]
July 6, 2010 Chris-chan calls the Ku Klux Klan Chris-chan Ku Klux Klan 1:23 [4]
July 23, 2010 Chris-chan and Bob Chandler call NRA Group?? Chris-chan and Bob Chandler National Rife Association Lost call [5]
August 16, 2010 Chris-chan's Phone Harassment Rampage, part 1 of 5 Chris-chan 3:28 [6]
August 18, 2010 Bob Chandler calls a Law Firm Bob Chandler 6:58 [7]
August 19, 2010 I Call Bob Chandler and Chris-chan N/A Bob Chandler and Chris-chan 5:10 The prankster used his real voice to talk to the victim. [8]
September 4, 2010 Bob Chandler calls DialAmerica Bob Chandler Female victim 11:40 [9]
October 22, 2010 Bob Chandler calls Some Company Bob Chandler 8:10 [10]
December 19, 2010 "What are you on, baby?" Chris-chan Male victim 1:47 [11]
February 5, 2011 I'm Still Alive Chris-chan Various 4:57 [12]
March 28, 2011 Bob Chandler Calls Three Nursing Homes Bob Chandler 6:22 [13]
March 29, 2011 Chris Yells at People Chris-chan Various 2:19 [14]
August 8, 2011 Things that End in "-tology" Chris-chan and Bob Chandler Church of Scientology 5:56 [15]


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