Crazy Bail Bonds Guy
Crazy Bail Bonds Guy
Depiction of Crazy Bail Bonds Guy


Prank Call Victim


Bail bondsman


Miami, Florida


early to-mid 40s





Crazy Bail Bonds Guy is a prank call victim who was discovered by Brian79camino in late-2009. The victim is an employee for an unnamed bail bondsman in Miami, Florida. He was first called by Gangsta Girl, and remained very patient while she cursed him out, but was far less pleasant during calls from Duncan and Young Redneck referring to both as "rednecks" and "crackheads". Crazy Bail Bonds Guy initially believed that the calls were due to "crossed lines" but later accused the male callers of prank calling his business.[1]

The original call was removed by the prankster, however, it was later reuploaded in March 2010.[1] The victim's soundboard was hosted on Realm of Darkness during this period but removed during the 2011 Duncan Scare.[2]


  • "This is a bailbonds office in Miami, Florida. What are you talkin' about?"
  • "Get off your fuckin' CRACK HIGH and call somebody else. Alright man?"
  • "Maaan, YOU'RE the cocksucker ya' redneck sum-of-a-bitch!"
  • "That, that's right you redneck son-of-a bitch! That's what I'm talking about. You understand me NOW damn it? "
  • "Excuse me?"
  • Hey FUCK YOU MAN. This is a bail bonds office in Miami, Florida. What the FUCK you talkin' about man?"
  • "Listen man, you know what man? I ain't got time for pieces of shit like YOU low-life motherfuckin' redneck crackhead motherfuckers ... man stay off the goddamn crack. Would you man? Do me a favor man?
  • "Lay off, lay off the goddamn crack."
  • "Hey you're the one fuckin' calling here man!"
  • You, you're the guy whose fucking callin this office. You keep fuckin' calling me and I got your fuckin' number. I'm gonna call the fuckin' authorities on your ass and I don't care where the fuck you're from! You understand that shit right now man?"
  • "What I'm trying to say is STOP buggin' this office, alright?"
  • "Oooh, goddamn! W-w-where you from? You goddamn motherfuckin' redneck! Are you a redneck goddamn it?"
  • "Drop your crackpipe, you know what I mean? G-go home [unintelligible] and go to fuckin' sleep. You're buggin the fuck out of a fuckin' business here man."
  • "Hey man, nobody's callin' your crib man. This is a bailbonds agent in Miami, Florida, man. Y-you want, y-y-y-you want to interrogate me right now man? I got the law on my side. I, I'm a bailbonds agent in Miami, Florida."
  • "Th-this is a 305 number so maybe the lines have crossed up."
  • "You know man, once again man, this is a legitimate bonds office in Miami, Florida. We ain't callin' nobody. The lines get crossed up every night, every goddamn night, and ... whatever. Is that your trip? You smoke that crack? Don't worry about it man."
  • " YOU'RE the one calling here man "
  • "You know what? Go ahead, be smart. Get fuckin' callin' this number one more time."
  • "Hey, hey, hey, hey! I tell you one thing right now man. You know what? I got your number and I'm gonna report your ass right now man. 'Cause we work with THE LAw right here man."
  • "Nobody's- listen man, listen, sir. We have this problem EVERY night. The lines must keep getting crossed up, ok? We are a bailbonds office in Miami, Florida and this happens every night. We've been getting calls from California bitching us out. We don't call NOBODY."
  • "The lines, the lines must be getting crossed up somewhere."
  • "Well FOCK YOU MAAN! I'm tired of YOUR shit fuckin' callin' up every goddamn night here man. We're working all night here man. Now bye!"
  • "You call here ONE MORE TIME and I'll have the authorities here knock on your motherfuckin' door! You understand that?"
  • "You gonna continue this shit all night long man?"
  • "Haha ha ha ha ha .. man you you know what man? You fuckin' make my night here man. But you now what man? I'm getting tired of you're stupid fuckin' games every god damn night here man."
  • "Ok, take it easy man. Sayonara."

Prank CallsEdit

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
2009 G-Girl, Duncan, And Young Redneck Call A Crazy Bail Bonds Guy Brian79camino Crazy Bail Bonds Guy Original call. [1]
November 24, 2009 New SB!: The Crazy Bail Bonds Guy goes on a rampage (+ Bill Cosby) enjoiCam Various [3]


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