Crazy Black Gangsta
Crazy Black Gangsta
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Crazy Black Gangsta


Prank Call Victim, Victim Soundboard


Welfare recipient


possibly middle-aged





Crazy Black Gangsta (CBG) is a victim who was discovered by SemberiaMedia in a Harlem Homeboy prank call. He is known for his rapid rate of speech and repeated use of the term "nigga".


Crazy Black Gangsta was named by SemberiaMedia on YouTube, the original caller. He also may have a wife, as she is the one who picks up the phone first. Due to his rapid rate of speech, his lines are often unintelligible, but the word "nigga" is often clearly heard in nearly every sentence, sometimes on numerous occasions. Because of this, SemberiaMedia has called Crazy Black Gangsta with more black soundboards since the first call with the Black Guy and Tiesha. It is unknown how Crazy Black Gangsta would act when called by a white soundboard. Throughout the calls, you may hear frequent sounds in the background (*HOHCGH*), most likely the sound made by CBG clearing his throat.

A soundboard (and usage of the soundboard) was not created until a year after the first call to Crazy Black Gangsta; on January 9, 2014, prankster enjoiCam made a soundboard for him.

On January 21, 2014, a Facebook fan page for Crazy Black Gangsta was launched.



  • Hello
  • Who is this?
  • Bitch, we're in Kentucky, who the fuck are you?
  • Look here honey, what do you need?

Crazy Black GangstaEdit

  • Hellah
  • Okay, I just told y'all where I'm at, if y'all god damn it big and bad and all, you bring your little smart ass on thru then.
  • Bring your GPS nigga!
  • Put it in ya GPS, ya phone, nigga, it bring ya stright to me nigga!
  • I gave you my address nigga!
  • I'm outside right now, nigga!
  • I don't give no fuck, nigga!
  • I been outside waiting on you, my nigga!
  • Wh-wh-wh-where you at?! Where you at?!!
  • Sissy-ass nigga, nobody call your number!
  • You like dick don't you? 'No, you like dick don't you! you gay!
  • Man, fuck a Tiesha, yo mammy yo grandmammy, whoever, I don't give a fuck about none of that shit hoe, suck-a-nigga dick hoe!
  • And you know... I'm a gangsta, nigga... nigga I'm a gangsta. I'm GD, nigga, you know what I'm saying?. Deal with this one, i'm a gangsta!
  • I'm in Kentucky
  • Puss-ass nigga!
  • Aint nobody call that phone shawty! *HOHCGH!*
  • Niigga, fuck yo crib, bitch ass nigga, I don't give a fuck bout yo crib
  • Man, you sound like you gay ass pervert ass nigga!
  • Man, you soft as a motherfucker.
  • Nigga, nigga, you sound like you a faggot nigga!
  • Sissy ass nigga, nobody call yo number nigga, you called my motherfucking phone nigga, talking that shit, pussy ass nigga!
  • Nigga, we can shoot em' all, we can get em' all, nigga how you wanna do it nigga, I'm 'bout that life, bitch! I'm 'bout that motherfuckin' life!".
  • I don't give no fuck my nigga, fuck yo phone, I ain't call yo phone, nigga!
  • Nigga you gon' be the first motherfucker Imma drown nigga if you keep on playing with me, my nigga.
  • Man, fuck yo house nigga, yo grandmammy, you all standin there motherfucker, them niggas can suck my dick, and they can die to night
  • A'ight, look, I'ma tell you what shawty, Imma tell you what shawty, you tell me yo address, and I bet you, I bet you I'll have nine ( possibly "them young") niggas come through there and shoot that motherfucker up, and let me tell ya, I got folks down there in Compton nigga tell me yo address nigga I'ma have somebody come through there
  • Brah, told you, I just gave you my address brah, you gon' GPS it and you on yo way or what nigga, come outside nigga, I'ma show you, lets get to it nigga, we grown mens nigga, let's get to it nigga. Nigga don't need to know yo bitch ass nigga, we ain't nobody call yo phone nigga, fuck yo' ho! (rest of this quote is unintelligeable.) 
  • Mayne, aight look bro, nigga ain't got no woof nigga, we...I'm in KY nigga, bring yo punk ass on to then nigga, fuck you talkin' about nigga!
  • Fuck you talkin about, maggot ass nigga! Bring yo punk ass to Kentucky then nigga!
  • Man I already told you what it is, homeboy! You in Compton, I'm in Kentucky, it ain't no use to talk it over. I thought you were gonna meet me or come to my address, and we can get this shit poppin'!
  • Unless you goddamnit gonna fly a plane or take a Greyhound or ride a bus, the Megabus, we ain't got nothin' to talk about
  • Fuck all this. If you ain't comin' right now, it's useless!
  • 2033 Daniel Court, nigga!
  • This... this useless!
  • Man, you a faggot nigga. You sound gay as a motherfucker.

Prank CallsEdit

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
January 26, 2013 Harlem Homeboy Calls Crazy Black Gangsta SemberiaMedia Crazy Black Gangsta Original call [1]
February 7, 2013 Irate Black Man Calls Crazy Black Gangsta SemberiaMedia Crazy Black Gangsta [2]
February 20, 2013 Tiesha and Angry Black Guy Call Crazy Black Gangsta SemberiaMedia Crazy Black Gangsta [3]
January 9, 2014 NEW SB!: CRAZY BLACK GANGSTA (Also - Deputy Martin & Drunk Bail Bondsman) enjoiCam Various Deput SB call [4]
January 20, 2014 Crazy Black Gangsta calls a Louisiana thug Max Mustermann Male victim [5]
January 22, 2014 Crazy Black Gangsta calls a female lawyer Max Mustermann Female victim [6]
January 26, 2014 Crazy Black Gangsta calls payphone                                                         nomadcowatb      Various                                         [7]

Transcript for Harlem Homeboy calls Crazy Black GangstaEdit

WIFE: Hello
HH: I'ma fuck you up, nigga. I'm on my way.
WIFE: Hello?
HH: Who the fuck is dih?
WIFE: Who is dis?
HH: I told you my fucking name, bitch. You called my own phone! You know who you fucking talking to?!
WIFE: I don't know who this is. (missing unintelligible)
HH: Bullshit! Motherfucker you just called my motherfucking house, nigga!
CBG: Helloh
HH: Hello?
CBG: Speaks, gets talked over instead
HH: Yo puss ass nigga! When I found out where you (unintelligible) bitch, I'ma beat your ass!
WIFE (background): He's got the wrong number
CBG: Mayy... Ay look brother, nigga ain't got woofie nigga, nigga we ain't, I'm in KY nigga, nigga bring your punk ass on here, nigga!
HH: I'ma fuck you up nigga!
CBG:: Fuck you talking about, nigga!
HH: Well come over! Come right now! What the fuck are you waiting for? You called my own home first!



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