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Lieutenant Commander of the USS Enterprise D and E

Lieutenant Commander Data is a fictional character first appearing in the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation and portrayed by actor Brent Spiner.

Data is an Android, skilled at pleasing humans, who was created by Doctor Noonien Soong. He is a sentient being and struggles with understanding human behavior and dealing with his lack of any emotions. Throughout the show, Data learns more and more about dealing with humanity and his behavior becomes progressively more human.

Data has a very large soundboard with a wide variety of topics, such as hotel booking and food ordering. Because of the calmness of his voice and his large number of responses, it is fairly easy to get a decent or great prank call with Data.

Data's soundboard also contains quotes from the Android Lore, as both were portrayed by Brent Spiner.


  • "I need temporary lodging."
  • "May I ask you a question sir?"
  • "I find I am having difficulty deciding what kind of service to have."
  • "Righting the wrongs of digital mankind, sir"
  • "Luxlusis was superior to Riker in every way, sir"
  • "Chazzer found my head back in San Francisco."

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