Denzel Washington calls Duncan
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Denzel washington calls duncan

Denzel Washington calls Duncan is an early prank call to Frank "Duncan" Garrett from 2007 and the only known one featuring the use of a soundboard of actor Denzel Washington. It featured lines from the 2001 movie, "Training Day".


[*Phone rings*]
Duncan: Duncan Construction.
Denzel Washington: Uh huh. Liquor license?
Duncan: Do what?
Denzel Washington: Lick-her-license. Was she a dyke, a lesbian? Tell me a story, right now. Go.
Duncan: Are you that same son of a bitch who don't have nothing to do but fuck with me every time he call?
Denzel Washington: I'm the Zig-Zag Man, who the da fuck are you? (sound effect of an explosion and maniacal laughter)
[*End of Call*]

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