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TV personality, author, ex-psychologist






Beverly Hills, California

Phil McGraw is an ex-psychologist who is best known for his television advice program: The Dr. Phil Show. Though once licensed in the state of Texas, he has since retired from practicing psychology. Most soundboards of him take quotes from his show, usually edited to belittle or accuse a target of having various problems, such as being a drug addict, defrauding people, or having anger issues. While used for phone pranks, his soundboards have occasionally been used for Ventrilo harassment.


  • "Are you avoiding...reality?"
  • "You are divorced, right?"
  • "You're a bitch!"
  • "Why do you have to be right? Why do you have to win the argument?"
  • "I want you to start living as a gay woman."
  • "You crazy bitch; I'm going to take you down."
  • "You've taken money from people under fraudulent circumstances across state lines."
  • "You ARE a drug addict!"
  • "You took crystal meth, Xanax, Vicodin, Oxycotin, Aderal, Klonopen,...speed."
  • "Am I here?"
  • "And I want you to start having a gay relationship,"
  • "How about after this we go and do a little coke?"

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