Duncan Fest 2011 is the ongoing latest annual installment in the Duncan Fest tradition, commencing this year on August 1. To honor the memory and legacy of Frank Garrett following his recent death, an array of prank callers have vowed to take part in the 2011 edition Duncan Fest 2011. It will run through the entire month of August to honor Garrett's memory.[1]

Participating callers Edit

The follower prank callers have announced their intentions of contributing to the latest Duncan Fest:

  • Dizeestl: Vanguard of the latest Duncan Fest and its largest advertiser.[2][3][4]
  • Mr88Nismo: Has announced that he "will make a comeback just for Franks sake..."
  • Afghan Prankster: Has made several warm up calls in anticipation of Duncan Fest 2011[5] He uploaded his calls prematurely as he will be on vacation during Duncan Fest.[6][7][8]
  • TheCrankCaller: Promised to return to honor Duncan's passing, stating: "me and xaozzz will put something very nifty together for duncanfest 2011..." He has also, convinced an old couple in Stilwell, that Frank Garrett was still alive, in RQKai Duncan fest call.
  • TheMasterCall: Implied he will participate and encouraged joint cooperation to amplify calls' effectiveness.
  • Xaozzz (PrankensteinX): Kicked off the series with a call to an old friend of Frank Garrett, who was, conceivably, well aware of his death.[9]
  • agentak471: Has made one call for Duncan Fest 2011.[10]

References Edit

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