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Duncan calls Young Redneck

Duncan calls a random smart-ass young redneck male who gives almost as good as he gets. This is the original call which gave rise to the victim now known as the Young Redneck.


(Phone rings)
Young Redneck: Hello?
Duncan: I'm doin' alright, how are you?
Young Redneck: What?
Duncan: I'm doin' alright, how are you?
Young Redneck: I can't understand what you're saying, sir, can you...try again?
Duncan: You stupid cocksucker.
Young Redneck: I got your phone number right here on my cellphone, dude, you want me to call the police?
Duncan: Well I don't give a shit.
Young Redneck: Really?! [unintelligible]] fuckin' dickwad!
Duncan: (while Young Redneck is talking) Now listen you stupid son of a bitch, I never called you before! And goddammit, you...pick about every third day to call me, so fuck you!
Young Redneck: You are a fuckin' moron, aren't ya?
Duncan: Oh, fuck you, you stupid son of a bitch!
Young Redneck: You even know who you're calling you drunk, dumb bastard? Dru...hey, are you drunk, you dumb bastard?
Duncan: Asshole!
Young Redneck: Are you drunk, you dumb fucking cocksucker, you? I heard you suck donkey-cock!
Duncan: Fuck you.
Young Redneck: Didn't you? Huh? Aren't you a cocksucker? Tell the truth.
Duncan: Ya know...uh...I think you're...kinda pullin' my leg, lady.
Young Redneck: (snickers) You are a cocksucker, aren't you, boy?
Duncan: Hey, let me tell ya how I feel: fuck you!
Young Redneck: Hey, what number ya calling, you dumb son of a bitch? You got the wrong number, ya dumb cocksucker!
Duncan: Well I don't give a shit.
Young Redneck: (laughs to himself) What a moron! [*hangs up*]

External LinksEdit

Listen to the call at Realm of Darkness

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