Eddy the 7 Mile OG
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Eddy the Seven Mile OG


Prank Call Victim




Detroit, Michigan


possibly middle aged


African American



Eddy the Seven Mile OG ( aka The New 7 Mile OG, aka Get Your Medication Man) is a soundboard prank victim from Detroit who was discovered by Whoruandwherdyoulive in April 2012.[1] He was originally called with a couple of different soundboards, including most notably Angry Black Guy, Irate Black Man, the Original Seven Mile OG, and eventually his own.

Most of the time, Eddy seems more exasperated than anything, usually replying in an almost Jive-Turkey manner to the threats and insults of the boards. He also does not seem to possess a strong grasp of English, frequently slurring his words or mixing up phrases, such as "Who in the fuck is you". While not excessively profane or threatening, several times he does begin to get highly irritated with the calls responding with his most famous line "Get your medication you crazy ass son of bitch!" Towards the end of the calls, he also began to use more threats of police involvement and tracing the call, thinking the calls are coming from California.

At one point in the calls, a woman gets on the line while Eddy's own soundboard is being used, referring to the caller as "The Devil", whom is assumed to be his wife. When called by the Original Seven Mile OG, who offers his address, when he is told to meet him at the corner of 7 Mile and Moross, a rather rough part of Detroit, he seems to back off a little. For the most part, Eddy's annoyance, insults and threats are more comical than actually threatening in comparison to many of the other victim boards. His victim board seemed to be lost until recently recreated and passed around by members of the community rather than being posted to a site.

He is commonly depicted as rap mogul Russell Simmons.


  • "Who a-who are you!?"
  • "This is Eddy, who is this?"
  • "Man, why do you keep calling me for what?"
  • "If you was in Detroit, yo ass would be dead!"
  • "Hey, I tell you what. You suck my dick and eat outta my ass, crazy motherfucker!"
  • "I don't even know who the fuck you is!"
  • "Nigga you ain't in no house! must be under a mothafuckin' bridge, son of a bitch!"
  • "Man I'll tell you what; If you think I called your house, come on over here. Come on over here!"
  • "Who the ..who in the fuck is you?; why you keep cawlin my numma!?"
  • "I don't even know what the fuck you talkin about"
  • "Man fuck you nigga, you talkin' bitch ass talk!"
  • "I'm gonna tell you what, the man is on yo ass right now! The man is on yo' damn ass!"
  • "Look, the police is on the other line man"
  • "You called two or three months ago, now you steady steady callin, callin, callin"
  • "You must be a punk ass, bitch ass motherfucker who got punked out in the penitentiary, motherfucker"
  • "You can't even deal with debts; you can't even deal with your woman"
  • "I don't even know who the fuck you is!"
  • "Man get your medication you crazy mothafucka"
  • "I said take your medication you crazy-assed son of a bitch! You a crazy motherfucker and you need yo' medication!"
  • "Look, man, don't call here no mothafuckin' more. 'Cos... ahh, if you do, there gonna be so much shit around here it gonna be pathetic! An-and the call gonna be traced!"
  • "Who in... the fuck IS you; why you keep callin' my numma?!:
  • "Hey, your call is being traced anyway man!...police is already tracing it, FUCK you nigga..."
  • "You keep calling, they sayin' they already got a trace on yo ass already."
  • "There it is then nigga, there it is."
  • "Don't call here no mutha-fuckin' mo!"
  • "Come come to the east to the west"

Prank CallsEdit

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
April 10, 2012 Angry Black Guy (and friends) call a 7 mile OG Whoruandwherdyoulive The (new) Seven Mile OG Original call [1]