Flazz684 is a retired prank caller who was active on YouTube from 2010 to 2012. He is credited with the discovery of Birmingham Redneck, Donna Pope's Neighbor, Just Got To Work Lady, Miss Kitty, Retarded Sheriff, and Sherri. The prankster created several victim soundboards and also has the honor of naming the "New York City Cunt".[1] He has at least 79 calls (as of February 2012).[2][3]

Prank callsEdit

Date Title Soundboard Victim Duration Notes Ref.
N/A Original Calls to Phuckboy Other Angry Black Guy Phuckboy 5:23 Original call. [4]
2009 Wife Beater gets saved over the phone Wife Beater Donna Pope's Neighbor Original call is considered lost.
N/A Donna Pope's Neighbor Calls Donna Pope's Neighbor Donna Pope's Neighbor Donna Pope's Neighbor [5]
N/A Donna Pope's Neighbor does some wake up calls Donna Pope's Neighbor Miss Kitty Original call. [6]
2010 Satanic Racist and Frank call a thug wannabe Duncan and Satanic Racist Male victim 6:03 [2]
2010 Ai cung cấp cho một shit 4:47 [2]
2010 Julie Williams calls some churches Donna Pope's Neighbor Various 5:42 [2]
2010 Miss Kitty needs a reservation Miss Kitty 5:08 [2]
2010 jesus lady,satanic racist, miss kitty,donna Donna Pope's Neighbor, Jesus Lady, Miss Kitty, and Satanic Racist 6:11 [2]
2010 Donna Pope's Neighbor needs financial advice Donna Pope's Neighbor 4:37 [2]
2010 ECL is PISSED and Miss Kitty gets a nut Epic Crazy Lady and Miss Kitty 6:15 [2]
2010 Springfield and Miss Kitty are sex addicts Miss Kitty and Springfield Pervert 4:10 [2]
2010 Donna Pope's Neighbor Wants To Retire 9:07 [2]
2010 Donna Pope's Neighbor Tries To Book A Flight 3:05 [2]
2010 Struttin'dat ass goes shoppin' for a mercedes Struttin' Dat Ass Various 3:37 [2]
2010 you dun goofed's FATHER wants his computer fixed Angry Father 2:39 [2]
2010 Sick Old Lady gets harassed by retirement centers Sick Old Lady Various 4:36 [2]
2010 Sick Old Lady & Vietman visit some old friends Sick Old Lady and Vietman 7:59 [2]
2010 David Lee Roth tries to book his band at some casinos David Lee Roth Various 5:49 [2]
2010 Colossal Racist Bitch loses her mind 5:00 [2]
2010 Miss Kitty & Sick Old Lady visit themselves Miss Kitty and Sick Old Lady Miss Kitty
Sick Old Lady
3:42 [2]
2010 Satanic Racist meets a dying drunk Satanic Racist Male victim 10:35 [2]
2010 Miss Kitty gets mad at the Sick Old Lady Miss Kitty Sick Old Lady 1:48 [2]
2010 DPN calls back a Jehovah Witness Donna Pope's Neighbor 3:07 [2]
2010 Brian Gets Bullied Brian the Foul-Mouthed Kid 0:12 [2]
December 19, 2010 Brian & Phuckboy call a short term memory loss mother and daughter Brian the Foul-Mouthed Kid
Retarded Sheriff 4:38 Original call. [2][7]
2010 Psychotic Woman calls the stml mother and daughter Psychotic Woman Retarded Sheriff 4:38 [2]
2010 The Retarded Sheriff contacts the Retarded Sheriff Retarded Sheriff Retarded Sheriff 2:17 [2]
2010 Retarded Sheriff investigates a rogue taxi driver Retarded Sheriff Male victim 6:15 [2]
2010 ECL & ChrisV get harassed by the Retarded Sheriff 4:16 [2]
2010 Retarded Sheriff wants some 7-11 & Circle K Retarded Sheriff 5:40 [2]
2010 THE NY CITY CUNT CALLS A GODDAMN CUNT New York City Cunt 3:54 [2]
2011 Original call to Drunk Newsman Drunk Newsman Original call is considered lost.
February 2011 Rosie (The NYC Cunt) owns Elisabeth Hasselbeck on the View 1:52 [2]
February 2011 abg,vietman,retarded sheriff,nyc cunt,jgtwl Angry Black Guy, Just Got To Work Lady, New York City Cunt, Retarded Sheriff, and Vietman 14:01 [2]
March 2011 Conmex & Deputy Martin visit the Retarded Sheriff Confused Mexican
Deputy Martin
Retarded Sheriff 2:41 [2]
March 2011 Donna Pope the drag racer Donna Pope's Neighbor 1:54 [2]
April 2011 Just Got To Work Lady works on some tattoo shops Just Got To Work Lady Various 8:13 [2]
June 2011 NYC Cunt and her cousin visit a Birmingham Redneck New York City Cunt Birmingham Redneck 5:13 Original call. [2][8]
June 2011 Springfeel and friends are lookin' for love Springfield Pervert 9:31 [2]
July 2011 Birmingham Redneck has a little foreplay with a black chick Birmingham Redneck Female victim 1:52 [2]
July 2011 You can go to HEYULL Birmingham Redneck 9:50 [2]
August 2011 Drunk news man and BM Redneck search for todays top stories Birmingham Redneck and Drunk Newsman Various 9:06 [2]
August 2011 Deputy Martin and his son Brian tag team Brian the Fouth-Mouthed Kid
Deputy Martin
6:08 [2]
September 2011 Accusing crackwhores of calling me 7:51 [2]
October 2011 NYC Cunt & Birmingham Redneck meet Epic Crazy Lady's daughter? Birmingham Redneck and New York City Cunt Sherri 8:56 Original call. [2][9]
November 2011 Retarded Sheriff & Birmingham Redneck Meet A Troop County Sling Blade Birmingham Redneck and Retarded Sheriff Deputy Sling Blade 5:32 Original call. [2]
November 2011 Deputy Sling Blade Revises A Couple Of Suspects Deputy Sling Blade Various 3:24 [2]
November 2011 ECL sounding BITCH aint hard to find BITCH 5:14 [2]
December 2011 Sick Old Lady calls Just Got To Work Lady Sick Old Lady Just Got To Work Lady 6:00 Original call. [2]
December 2011 Donna Pope calls a NYC ASS KISSER Donna Pope's Neighbor 4:31 [2]
December 2011 Just Got To Work Lady orders flowers for her boss Just Got To Work Lady 4:45 [2]
January 2012 Springfield, Tiesha and Frank play some old school computer games Duncan, Springfield Pervert, and Tiesha 4:43 [2]
January 2012 A lunatic stripper bitch calls herself Lunatic Stripper Bitch Lunatic Stripper Bitch 4:36 [2]
January 15, 2012 Birmingham and his Hoes visit a special douchebag in Carolina Birmingham Redneck Joey Down In Anderson 10:59 [2]
January 19, 2012 Joey wants Joey to COME ON DOWWWN Joey Down In Anderson Joey Down In Anderson 7:50 [3]
January 27, 2012 Joey and his ole lady need to sober up! 2:54 [3]
February 2012 Jackie Joe hires some help to find Crystal 6:50 [3]
February 6, 2012 Jack meets Joey and then some phuckboys 10:43 [3]