Fortunecookiesucks calls Duncan a fourth time
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Fortunecookiesucks calls Duncan a fourth time is a soundboard prank call made by Fortunecookiesucks. As the title suggests, this was the prankster's fourth call to Duncan and the seventeenth of a prank caller using their own voice.


Call #1

[*phone rings*]
Fortunecookiesucks: Hello? (pause) Hello? Is someone there?
Duncan: ...
Fortunecookiesucks: Mr. Garrett?
Duncan: ...
Fortunecookiesucks: Hellooo?
Duncan: [Unintelligible]
Fortunecookiesucks: Hello. Mr. Garrett?
Duncan: Oh, fuck you, you stupid son of a bitch you!
Fortunecookiesucks: (shocked) You're very rude sir!
Duncan: [*hangs up*]
Fortunecookiesucks: Mr. Garrett?

Call #2

[*phone rings*]
Fortunecookiesucks: Why did you swear at me, sir? That was very rude of you to swear at me like that.
Duncan: ...
Fortunecookiesucks: Why did you swear at me like that? I was just calling to ask you something and you .. you very rude. First you will not talk and then you swear
Duncan: [Unintelligible]..stupid fuckin' call so piss on you.
Fortunecookiesucks: What was that?
Duncan: [*hangs up*]

Call #3

[*phone rings*]
Fortunecookiesucks: Hello? (slight pause) I just call to ask a question and you swear at me. You're very rude sir.
Duncan: ...
Fortunecookiesucks: I think your mother has worms in her pussy.
Duncan: I think you're a fuckin' idiot too.
Fortunecookiesucks: Really? Well I think you're God, Frank Garrett.
Duncan: [*hangs up*]

Call #4

[*phone rings*]
Fortunecookiesucks: Frank talk to me. I'm a nice guy.
Duncan: ...
Fortunecookiesucks: Frank? Why won't you talk?
Duncan: ...
Fortunecookiesucks: Fraaank? Mr. Gaaarrett?
Duncan: ...
Fortunecookiesucks: Frank "Motherfunking Duncan" Garrett. Talk to me...
Duncan: Oh, fuck you, Charles!
[*Laughter is heard in the background*]
Duncan: [*hangs up*]

Call #5 (final)

[*phone rings*]
Duncan: Duncan Construction.
Fortunecookiesucks: (in a deep voice) Why don't you come down to the pawn shop and fight me, Frank?
Duncan: Charles, I'm gonna come over there and fuck your head up one of these days, if you don't quit messin' with me!
Fortunecookiesucks: Well come to the pawn shop and see me.
Duncan: [*hangs up*]

[End of call]


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