Fortunecookiesucks complains to Duncan
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Fortunecookiesucks complains to Duncan is a soundboard prank call made by Fortunecookiesucks. It was the prankster's second call to Duncan following Fortunecookiesucks calls Duncan.


Call #1

[*phone rings*]
Duncan: Hello.
Fortunecookiesucks: Hello. Is this Duncan Construction?
Duncan: Yes.
Fortunecookiesucks: Ok, you've been calling our house making threats and all sorts of crazy things. You need to stop calling us. We're gonna' call the police on you.
Duncan: Who are you?
Fortunecookiesucks: I'm Josh. I live in Floroda. You've been calling my house about, like, 30 times in the last week.
Duncan: Josh, you're full of shit. I have NEVER called you.
Fortunecookiesucks: You've called me a BUNCH of times. You said you were gonna' "break my god-damned neck". You asked me if my Mom "still had worms coming out her pussy". (pause) Why are you so-
Duncan: You're out of your head.
Fortunecookiesucks: You're out of YOUR head! You've been fucking calling. I'm gonna' call the cops on your ass. I RECORDED the calls.
Duncan: I don't give a shit. You can do whatever you want to but I haven't called you.
Fortunecookiesucks: Alright and you're gonna' go to jail. I'm calling the cops on your ass if you call me one more time. You got that?
Duncan: [*hangs up*]

[End of call]


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