Intelligent Twin Brother
Fred herbert brother
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(1944-08-04) August 4, 1944 (age 73)


Victim, Victim Soundboard


Pool Salesman

Family Members

Bail Bondsman (Twin brother), Mike Herbert (Nephew), Dave Herbert (Nephew)

Intelligent Twin Brother is the twin brother of Fred "the Bail Bondsman" Herbert and was originally discovered by YouTube user Whoruandwherdyoulive in March of 2012. How his number was discovered is a complete mystery because Whoruandwherdyoulive alleges that the Bail Bondsman's voicemail was hacked, leading to the discovery of his number.

In the subsequent call to him, his name was censored to prevent further calling, but his real name was later discovered. A soundboard of his voice was quickly made and used to call and discover Mike Herbert, Fred's oldest son and then Fred himself. These two calls spawned several now made famous lines from Fred, such as "Just say 'hi, Fred', and I will know this isn't a recording". Approximately a year after his discovery, YouTube user Pranktz released a public soundboard of him, which led to calls to notable victims such as the Stilwell Grandma.

In July 2013, Pranktz called him yet again using a soundboard of Fred and it was revealed that he is aware of the fact that people are using his twin brother's voice to call people, but still appears to be unaware of his personal fame.


2012 LinesEdit

  • "Uhh... I just got your message, that's weird it came from an unknown phone number and it went to the house 'phone which goes to Mabel's uhh... cell phone."
  • " If you need a faster response, you can go to my cell phone; 236- <Censored>, I'm sure you have it."
  • "But anyway, uhhh, to answer to your question, uhhhhhh, what I did has no effect whatsoever on the music at the house... it's just intercom and doorbell... so music will be exactly as it was... uhhhhhhh, they got any problems or you got any questions-HAWLER AND LET ME KNOW... alright, yeah, bye."
  • "Hello?"
  • "Pardon me?"
  • "Mmm.... No."
  • "Is this Freddy Herbert?"
  • "Ahh.. I don't know, you've got in touch with your intelligent twin brother."
  • "Whats goin' on?"
  • "This is <omitted>; heavy on the mister, I still have your, uhh.. uhh.. uhh... Bus sign from, uhh... Las Vegas."
  • "Bail Bonds?"

2013 LinesEdit

  • I got one of your, ahh.. spam calls or whatever."
  • "It was you talking, but it wasn't making any sense."
  • "Hey Fred, I'm crackin' up with your voicemail; ahh... This is Fred Herbert with, ahhh Herbert Bail Bonds. Did you forget who you work for? <chuckles> It's your company."
  • "hey you, gimmie a call man."
  • "I wanna check on the next river run."
  • "Hey! Where ya been stranger?!"
  • "Selling swimming pools."
  • "Are you at work?"
  • "You know who you're talkin' to, right?"
  • "Hey Fred, what's up?"
  • "Yeah right."
  • "The number was from Palmdale, and it was you talking, but it wasn't making any sense."
  • "Then I finally realized that it was probably those damn guys who are using your voice to play a prank."

Prank Calls Edit

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
Bailbondsh confusion Whoruandwherdyoulive Fred's Intelligent

Twin Brother

Bondsshy Brown Pranktz Fred's Intelligent

Twin Brother



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