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Bail Bondsman
Traditional Depiction of the Bail Bondsman


Fred Herbert


Prank Call Victim, Victim Soundboard


Licensed Bail Bondsman since 1970, Law enforcement until 1970.


(1944-08-04) August 4, 1944 (age 69)




Rancho Cucamonga, California

Religious Beliefs


Additional Information

Graduated high school in 1962


At least 2 sons, Dave and Mike Herbert

Actual likeness of the Bail Bondsman
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Another actual likeness of Fred
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Herbert bail bonds
Front of Herbert Bail Bonds

The Bail Bondsman (real name: Fred Herbert) is the owner and operator of Herbert Bail Bonds out of Upland, California. He first became a victim in June 2009 when he was called by the Angry Black Guy soundboard.[1] His number was then lost for awhile after the original calls, but was rediscovered in February 2012 (period known as The Great Rediscovery) by the help of prankster Modlightyugami.[2]

Following his rediscovery, he was subsequently called with soundboards of Tom the Pissed Off Roofer and Deputy Martin, as well as with another soundboard of himself, all of which greatly annoyed him and brought him very close to losing his temper[3]. During one call from Tom, he blew a police whistle into the phone in an unsuccessful attempt to drive the pranksters away and in a subsequent call, while apparently speaking to the police on another line, claimed to have been prank called over 60 times during the course of 2 days.

Because of this, CootPrankCalls, who rediscovered him, tried but ultimately failed to conceal any personal information of Bail Bondsman in attempt to ensure that his personal life was not ruined by constant prank calls every day(which has seemed to occur as recent calls suggest that he receives prank calls on a daily basis). He is one of the few prank call victims to recognize their own voice when used against them ("This is actually my voice.").

He has also been called collect by a soundboard of his own voice, at least once[4], as well as by a soundboard of Chris the Hacker. This call leads to Chris the Hacker contacting Herbert Bailbonds. Where it is believed Chris filled in the Herberts.[5] As the pranks continued, the Bail Bondsman demonstrated considerably less patience with them than he has in the past and has outright lost his temper at times. He eventually went on to say "I sure would like to put an end to it", in reference to the prank calls. In a call from the Random Asshole, for example, he can be heard cursing at the caller and even saying he was going to "wring your [the prankster's] fucking neck!"[6] Since his rediscovery the Bail Bondsman has arguably become the most popular victim soundboard with a large portion of the Soundboard Prank Call community feeling that he has filled the void left by the death of Duncan.

In August 2013, YouTube prankster Billybob James uploaded a compilation of all 2012 call to Fred.[7] Another featuring all 2013 calls was eventually uploaded. [8]

In more recent calls[9], Fred could be heard cursing at the pranksters, saying "Fuck you, motherfucker."


Fred Herbert, better known as "The Bail Bondsman" has been a licensed bail agent since 1970, after spending four years in law enforcement. Prior to that, he became a member of the California Army National Guard in 1964, according to a Facebook post. In the 1980's, Fred may have been part of a motorcycle club of some sort, hinted by the pictures on his Facebook page and pictures on his business website. Fred is father to at least two sons, Dave and Mike, Mike being part- owner of Herbert Bail Bonds. In 2009, the first call ever to Fred was made, for over two years no calls were made until The Great Rediscovery in February of 2012, where CootPrankcalls rediscovered Fred and his company, leading to a near endless stream of prank calls.

In a recent call to Fred, he was heard carrying on a long conversation about his hobby of license plate collecting. In the same call, Fred revealed he had been smoking marijuana since 1970, but stated he has been sober for at least 22 years. He went on to state: "I started smoking weed in 1970, at the very tail end of... being a cop, out of the evidence locker."


Fred is now fully aware of the online prank calling community and tries to avoid answering the phone at Herbert Bail Bonds. Instead, his son Mike now answers the phones most of the time. There are very few instances past March of 2012 where Fred still regularly answers his business phone and on these rare occasions, very few lines are ever gathered. In a notable call, Fred expressed his feelings about the prank calls and revealed the fact the he knew he was on YouTube. At the end of the call, Fred said "Goodbye" in a fairly saddened sounding tone, as he realised he had been tricked by the pranksters, yet again.

In orginally unrealesed calls from MistahBlonde72, Fred expressed his desire of "putting an end to it" [the prank calling], after speaking with a police officer at the Upland, California Police Department. He has been conferenced on numerous occasions with San Bernardino County emergency services and the Upland Police Department. After the prank calling started in earnest in February of 2012, Skype calls were blocked in a desperate attempt to reduce the number of pranks.

Unlike Chris The Hacker, Fred has not clearly made any legal threats to the pranksters, but has apperently gotten the attention of the Upland Police Department in regards to the pranks. Because of this, he could be considered a minor enemy of the prank calling community.

As of early April 2013, Skype calls are blocked from calling Herbert Bail Bonds. However, this changed in early 2014.

Fred was recently called by a prankster on[10]

Some more recent calls were made to Fred on Prankdial.[11]

New Prankowl Call: Real Euclid Liquor Guy Calls Bailbondsman 12/11/13

New Prankdial Call 12/12/13:

Fake Bail CallsEdit

Originally started by 3DPrankz, Fred has fallen victim to faux needs of bail on multiple occasions. These are generally the calls that gather the most lines. In a recent call, Fred was kept on the phone for about five minutes, something rarely seen anymore. It was during this call where Fred made the famous statement "All I hear is like, 'DAWHLL', or something", in response to the prankster saying "Charles".

Source of Depiction for The Bail BondsmanEdit

The origin of the traditional Bail Bondsman image depicted comes from a photo taken June 6th, 2006 by a San Francisco photographer. The man photographed is supposedly a police officer at the 45 Fremont Street skyscraper (located in San Francisco’s financial district) who allegedly harassed an amateur photographer named Thomas Hawk. The security guard told him to “get out of the plaza”, then grabbed his arm “quite hard” and pulled him toward the street. When Hawk requested identification, he refused, which prompted Hawk to photograph the alleged officer twice. Hawk was told that the alleged officer worked for Bechtel. [12] Hence, the real Fred Herbert and the man in the image portraying him are only six hours away from each other.

Unreleased Life-Alert CallsEdit

In the summer of 2012, MistahBlonde made a series of calls to the Bail Bondsman that were humorous, as well as telling. Bail Bondsman was connected several times to the local Upland Police Department through an alleged life alert notification. At times, Fred would hang up once connected with the police department only to leave the 911 operator on the phone alone with the prankster flawlessly operating the Bail Bondsman soundboard, causing confusion and havoc. At one point, while the real Fred Herbert was talking with the 911 operator, the soundboard chimed in with the famous “Are you taking some kind of drugs or drinking?” line which immediately prompted Fred to ask, “Do you hear him talking in the background?” In this particular call, an exhausted Fred asked, “How can they [the pranksters] possibly do this?”

In one call, Fred was heard talking away from the phone to someone at a different office on his cell phone, as he presumably forgot to hang up his business phone. He was heard saying:

“Is the number ringing there? Have you been getting a lot of calls? [Unintelligible] thirty calls. It’s this guy calling the Pomona Police Department and then call-forwarding to me, and I’m hanging up on them. You know, we’ve had the Pomona Police {unintelligible] and tells them its life-line [life-alert]. You know what I mean? Well….it’s just some sick motherfucker, on the phone you know, that – you know about my, uh, yeah, well that’s what it is, I mean, I don’t know how many people are prank calling us, but this guy does the life-line thing. Yeah, ‘I’ve fallen and I can’t get up’, I mean, they come over to check and make sure we’re okay. So, I’m hanging up on them. I’m not talking to them because he wont stop all day. I just wanted to tell you I’ve got the phone busied out right now for a few minutes. So if you try to call me and you get a busy, then call me on my cell phone. Because I’m just trying to stop him, or he’ll spend the next 15 hours with me, you know what I mean? And recording me. I don’t understand this completely, but I know I have to ignore him. It fucks our business up but…yeah. But okay, I just wanted to tell you what’s going on.”

Lieutenant McDonald, after talking with the Bail Bondsman soundboard for a few minutes, was connected to the real Fred Herbert. Once connected, Fred and the officer, knowing about the heavy usage of soundboards, displayed a hilarious sense of paranoia, not saying much to each other initially, each thinking the other was a soundboard. Once they began talking, the soundboard came in the conversation with the classic “I’ve got your phone number and I’m gonna wring your fucking neck!” line, where Fred quickly countered “See?! Now that’s not me! This is something they recorded from me a couple years ago.” Fred, explaining himself to the officer, said “It’s a great thing for me to say, but I was frustrated with them. So that’s not me, thats a recording.” The phone call ended with Fred desperately explaining to the officer that the calls going around are not really him, but a recording, and suggested that the FBI get involved in the case.

Bail Bondsman's employeesEdit

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