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Prank Call

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George Takei


Arkansas Redneck



George Takei calls an old hillbilly from Arkansas that has no time for long lengthy black men calling him.


Call #1

Arkansas Redneck: Hello?
George Takei: Bill, how have you been?
Arkansas Redneck: Hey Bob. How's it goin'?
George Takei: Well ... have you heard anything about it yet?
Arkansas Redneck: Who is this?
George Takei: George Takei here. How've you been?
Arkansas Redneck: I don't believe I know you.
George Takei: I grew up in Arkansas.
Arkansas Redneck: You did? Well I-
George Takei: Yes.
Arkansas Redneck: So do I...but I don't believe I know you.
George Takei: I circled an ad here in the paper that might interest you. Here it says "One Lengthy Black Teenager For Sale".
Arkansas Redneck: Teenager for sale?
George Takei: Yes.
Arkansas Redneck: Well just a minute ... uh ...
George Takei: Oh great.
Arkansas Redneck: Uh...
George Takei: Can you excuse me while I dabble my wang with latex?
Arkansas Redneck: Yeah.
George Takei: You won't BELIEVE what I just heard!
Arkansas Redneck: What did you just hear? George Takei: I LOVE lengthy black men.
Arkansas Redneck: Oh you do?
George Takei: Excuse me but aren't you ... a grimy Mexican?
Arkansas Redneck: No I'm just a hillbilly from Arkansas.
George Takei: You had better be preared to turn wet and messy.
Arkansas Redneck: Well I'm gonna' tell you something brother. You the wrong sex to turn me wet and messy.
George Takei: Excuse me but aren't you ... aroused?
Arkansas Redneck: Aroused? No, you pissing me off motherfucker!
George Takei: You seem to be aroused.
Arkansas Redneck: No, you pissing me off.
George Takei: I'm just a bit concerned about lengthy black teenagers.
Arkansas Redneck: You sound like a sick motherfucker.
George Takei: Yes.
Arkansas Redneck: I'd like to have about five minutes alone with ye'.
George Takei: You're pathetic.
Arkansas Redneck: I'd make YOU pathetic. You piece of shit.
George Takei: I'll show you. I'm going to get that wang!
Arkansas Redneck: I bet you do.
George Takei: I hate you.
Arkansas Redneck: I ain't got much damn use for you either.
George Takei: That's crazy!
Arkansas Redneck: Crazy? You sound like you got a problem brother. You ever read the Bible? Good Lord put the man to sleep and took a rib out of him for a woman. You like "long lengthy black men" and ... I bet you even like children, don't you?
George Takei: Yes.
Arkansas Redneck: I'd give $500 to met ye'.
George Takei: I'd like to get to know your lengthy black lollipop.
Arkansas Redneck: Oh, I'd bet you like to play with a lollipop.
George Takei: I LOVE your wang.
Arkansas Redneck: I'd bet you's LOVE my 12-gauge shotgun too. Stuck up your ass and pulling the trigger three times.
George Takei: I feel ridiculous.
Arkansas Redneck: No YOU'RE ridiculous.
George Takei: Now don't get all worked up over it.
Arkansas Redneck: I'd like to put you out of your fuckin' misery!
George Takei: I get a strong smell from my wang.
Arkansas Redneck: Well take a fuckin' bath.
George Takei: Good idea! (pause) One of my neighbors in Denver is a lengthy black teenager.
Arkansas Redneck: Well you should of called him.
George Takei: Excuse me but aren't you ... a grimy Mexican?
Arkansas Redneck: No. I'm not no Mexican.
George Takei: Oh my God...
Arkansas Redneck: Now what?
George Takei: Now don't get all worked up over it.
Arkansas Redneck: About what?
George Takei: My wang.
Arkansas Redneck: Your ... flag?
George Takei: Yes.
Arkansas Redneck: The only thing you've mentioned in your language since you've called that I've cared anything about is the word God. Everything else has been nasty, filthy, obscene, vile, PERVERTED-
George Takei: Let me think about this. I'll call you back in an hour.
Arkansas Redneck: Oh, I'll tell you what now .. I don't know how you came up with MY motherfuckin' telephone number but you, you hittin' the wrong bases here. [*hangs up*]

[End of call]


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