Gold Garden Chinese Buffet
Golden garden stilwell
Actual photo of the Golden Garden Chinese Buffet


Prank Call Victim Location

Associated Victim(s)

Random male employee


1116 N 2nd St
Stilwell, Oklahoma

Additional Info

Located next door to A to Z Pawn Incorporated

The Golden Garden Chinese Restaurant (also called the Golden Garden Chinese Buffet) is a restaurant located in Stilwell, Oklahoma. It is allegedly the town's only Chinese food restaurant.[1] It has sometimes been referenced by Charles as "right next door" to A to Z Pawn, usually to give "turn by turn" directions for callers wanting to fight him.

Only one known call, made by AR15pranks, has ever been made there to date. It took place in late December 2012 and featured brief exchange between Meat Grinder Mike and a random male employee.[2] During the "Pineapple Lane" saga, the Psycho Husband taunted Charles by claiming that the restaurant served "cow pizzle".[3]


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