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Auric Goldfinger is a fictional character appearing in the James Bond novel and film of the same name. He is the main antagonist and considered by many to be the greatest James Bond villain of all time. Goldfinger was portrayed by actor Gert Fröbe, however, since Fröbe did not speak English well, he was dubbed by English actor Michael Collins. Fröbe would go on to dub himself in the German version of Goldfinger.

The character Goldfinger is obsessed with gold, going so far as to have yellow-bound erotic photographs, and have his women painted head to toe in gold so that he can make love to gold. Goldfinger is an avid golfer and card player, however on two occasions he proves to be a cheat.

Goldfinger's ultimate scheme is to rob the bank Fort Knox. In the novel, Goldfinger plans to steal the gold, but is stopped by James Bond and the CIA before he can enter the bank. In the film, Goldfinger plans to detonate an atomic device in the bank, rendering the gold valueless and increasing the value of his own gold many fold.

Goldfinger's first soundboard was made at the end of 2009. His calls generally consist of offering the victim gold . The best known Goldfinger call is to a bill collector, who becomes confused by Goldfinger's gold rant.


  • "You can have the million today..."
  • "...Or ten millions tomorrow!"
  • "Both of us know perfectly well what we're talking about."
  • "The bar of gold you have with you, naturally."
  • "You will be there to see for yourself!"
  • "Yes, why?"

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