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Hank Hill calls Blockbuster is a prank call made in late 2009 and one of the best known calls to feature the Hank Hill Soundboard.

Summary Hank dials a Blockbuster in the Harlem neighborhood of New York in an attempt to settle a video fee he's been charged, and is treated with hostility and rudeness from the staff, far before the employees receive any sign of the call being a prank. Hank dials back repeatedly in an attempt to fix his fee, but is further insulted by an employee who goes as far as stating that Hank was abused and raped by his father as a child, and then laughing. As a result, the call is well known for the sympathetic response the soundboard gets from viewers, in contrast to the harsh and critical response the employees receive.

Often viewers state that the staff should have been fired for the way they handled the call. Despite the call being a prank, most agree that there was no possible way the staff could have known this by the quotes used.

External LinksEdit

Listen to the call on Realm of Darkness

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