Hank Hill calls Lowe's
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Hank Hill


Lowe's employees



Hank Hill makes another rude and demanding call, this time it is to Lowe's Hardware Department.


Automated message: ..Press #1. For store hours, Press #2. Or stay on the line for an operator. Transferring. Please hold.
[*phone rings*]
Lowe's employee #1: Thank you for calling Lowes. How can I direct your call?
Hank Hill: Where's the hardware department?
Lowe's employee #1: Where's the hardware department?
Hank Hill: The hardware department.
Lowes employee #1: Hold on.
[*The call is transferred to another employee*]
Lowe's employee #2: Hardwares. Ted. How may I help you?
Hank Hill: I'm lookin' for a tap & die and some WD-40.
Lowe's employee #2: Uhh, we have the WD-40. What was the other one?
Hank Hill: Let's say I want a hammer. Do you know what a hammer is?
Lowe's employee #2: Yes.
Hank Hill: That's what I want, a damned hammer!
Lowe's employee #2: [unintelligible]
Hank Hill: I apologies for yellin' at ya'.
Lowe's employee #2: That's alright.
Hank Hill: I'm tryin' to buy a tap & die and some WD-40.
Lowe's employee #2: We have both of those.
Hank Hill: There you go. Yeah, now your gettin' it.
Lowe's employee #2: Ok. What (laughs) I'm sorry I-
Hank Hill: What is that chinging noise? (pause) What are you talkin' about?
Lowe's employee #2: I'm sorry?
Hank Hill: What is that chinging noise?
Lowe's employee #2: It's, uh, the..[unintelligible]
Hank Hill: You understand what I'm sayin'?
Lowe's employee #2: Yes.
Hank Hill: Well, what do you think?
Lowe's employee #2: We have both of those sir.
Hank Hill: Why are you always asking me that?!
Lowe's employee #2: I'm sorry?
Hank Hill: What's wrong with you? How's that sound for a change?
Lowe's employee #2: Uh...didn't say anything was wrong.
Hank Hill: Carlos? Is that you?
Lowe's employee #2: No, it's not.
Hank Hill: I just woke up.
Lowe's employee #2: That's good.
Hank Hill: Stop makin' such a big deal out of it!
Lowe's employee #2: (talking to someone in the background) What, uh, what else does he need? How many do you need? [unintelligible] Ok, thank you.
Hank Hill: Maybe I'm not getting through to you.
Lowe's employee #2: [*hangs up*]

[End of call]


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