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Generally all calls to the Barbershop, whether answered by the Harlem Barber or one of his employees, will be answered with a lazily pronounced greeting of "Barbershop". When the Harlem Barber is responded to, he'll either hang up instantly, blow a whistle into the phone, or scream insults back at the caller depending on his mood. In the original calls, he tried to reason with soundboards like the Gay Florist and was even nice to the Chinaman before unleashing a homophobic rant. Many calls usually feature the constant use of the word "faggot" and other homophobic remarks. The Harlem Barber almost always accused the caller of wanting dick, and demands that the caller brings himself over to the Barbershop. It is possible that the Barber's closeted remarks and 'macho' attitude could have originated from his extensive time served in prison (more below).
Harlem Barber

The actual likeness of the Harlem Barber from the 2008 documentary.

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